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  1. It’s been going on for years and he won’t change but now I’m really getting fed up and I don’t know what to do. He is constantly on his phone and/or laptop. Asking him to do the simplest things like hand me something is a burden because he is always playing. I ask for help with the dogs and it’s always “in a minute”. “I’m in the middle of something”. We have a puppy that he insisted we should get for our other dog and he sits on his game while I’m taking it out and/or cleaning up poop and pee in the house. He gets mad at me if I am frustrated that he can’t tend to anything other than his games. (And his beer). Sometimes I just have to leave the room and put on head phones so I don’t have to be around him or hear anything but that’s hard for me because then the puppy is running around playing and I might miss him peeing somewhere in the house or getting into something. He doesn’t want to put him in a crate (and he whines and barks nonstop if he is)but yet is to into his game to pay any attention. I’m just so miserable. Now he is starting to talk to people online again when he plays. He used to do that with Warcraft and other games and now it’s a new game on his phone he is on all the time. Sometimes he is playing several different games.