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  1. December 2. Day 22 Not playing is not the hardest part. I just don't want it. But there is other things i need to let go and get other good habits. It's a real challenge here. Life is going.
  2. Day 10 November 21th Okay, i'm not out of play, i'm still didn't play any games. I don't lost my goal. Tbh i'm very busy with studying, training and working that i forget to come here to make posts. Also i have some hard times with my GF, cause she is in another city right now, so i'm preparing great surprise for her when she came back in our hometown. So far, so good. Never surrender
  3. Day 6 I'm slowly moving from posting here midnight to evening. Cause writing in 1 am is not good I'm definitely felling much better. Doing workouts, eating better food, keep hydration of my body and etc. Got a new haircut. Feeling great
  4. Day 5 13:31 November 14th Everything going great. Done some med board, walked a lot. Started fixing my diet. Things going pretty well. Just need to fix my sleep schedule.
  5. Day 4 23:13 November 13th Writing it, while going home. Today i was cozy all day at work. Didn’t read or learned so much. Tommorow i’m going to do medical board for work, then I want to buy some push-up bar and shirt for training outside. It will be my first days off without games, hope things go well
  6. Day 3 23:34 12th November 2018 I started awaking earlier by hour. Now without checking all my usual subscriptions and wathcing videos i have so much time. Done some exercise and cooking, then got a coffee and go to work by foot. Today i read more, and also did some linear algebra, preparing for exams. Did it in 2 hours (before it would take me couple of days). I feel more focused on thing than i used to. My mind is almost always free and ready for work. Grabbed from my coworker some materials to fix things in my bath. Pretty much for today. Gonna go sleep more today. Cause need some good sleep.
  7. Day 2 00:22 am 12th November 2018 Ok. First day gone pretty well. Woke up pearly, got a shower, made a coffee to take with me, cleaned some places in my apartments. While i had some spare time on work i was reading about bodyweight exercices and made some sort of program for workout. Also read some stuff about running and training in cold weather (it's pretty cold here) Also realised that i need to organize my homework in pieces, and get all books that i need to be prepared for exams. Will start searching and organizing after this post. After work i done some walk to home instead of car. Was pretty great, but i need to get a hat with myself (again, it's pretty cold already). Tommorow i will begin my day with some walking-running and workout. Should be great. Then i plan to cook something before i go to work. Also i restarted reading book that my GF gifted to me. It's about traveling. 34 stories from different writers. Pretty great book, don't know why i didn't finished it yet. That's all for today. Right now i don't have any problems without games, and i don't even want to play anything. Feeling great.
  8. I don't really know where to move in term of proffesionality. But first i want to free my time for more exercises in language and body shaping. Because right now i start forget all my knowledge about English (not native speaker) and get me back in shape. Then start more focusing on studying cause in February i have very important exams and i need to prepare myself for them
  9. Day 1 00:30 am 11th November 2018 First day is today. Not tommorow, not monday of next week, not next month. But today. I'm already tired of all this time wasting. It's not bring me pleasure anymore. I need better hobbies and habits than that. Today i will stay a bit longer, but i need to sleep more and care about my look more that i do usually. Deleted all games and related thing from PC and Phone. Got notebook and good black pen for it. Will write there important and interesting thoughts and will copy some here, so anyone who will read this after will have good example of how to stop it. I believe in myself, i'm stronger than my old I-gamer.
  10. What this topic about? So, anyone who will find this topic would like to know who i am and why i doing all this stuff. It won't be dedicated from the start, but who knows, maybe i will upgrade it little by little after time (i'll try my best). Backstory. My name is Artem. I'm from Russia, almost 24y old. Right now working as bartender, but honestly it's not the best job for me and i just work for money. My gaming experience began in school days. I was like 6-8y old, and we got PC (brother's) and some games on it. First this were just some games for kid's then things got more complicated with ages. Right now i'm spending more than 6 hours playing something and 4-5 browsing internet and etc. I found it's total waste of time. And how we know - Time is most valuable resource that we have. Goals to reach: Lower game time as much as possible. Remove game time at all Start running again (i was running some time, 5km under 20 mins was my best score) Start gym and healty diet. Getting weight and all possible stuff from eating junk not my priority Focus more on studying to get better job Move from my city to larger one and get my gf with me
  11. Hello everyone. Today, as many of you, i realized that i'm burning my life if online and offline games instead of doing really important things like: improving myself, studying, learning something new and etc. I really want quit gaming now and finally become something more that work\game machine. Hope after some time i can totally stop this bad habit and become better man and member of society.
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