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  1. Day 1 - 1 Nov 2019 Today I've decided to be serious about quitting game, and I have decided to setup a few habits, things to do, some goals and setting up some software to help me in this journey, writing this journal is one of them. I've also decided to setup a year end resolutions which consist things I wanted to achieve in next 2 months: Quit gaming in next 2 months, ofc. Quit smoking in next 2 months Restart my digital marketing agency and get at least one contract Read 8 non-fiction book Losing weight to a healthy BMI, 10kg. That's all for now, I do not want to setup too many goals and habit at the first day because I've tried that previously and it'll only get me burn out quicker and give up, so, "one" thing at a time.
  2. Introduction I've lost count on how many times I've relapse on gaming, and this time I want to make it my final attempt to quit gaming, if you're interested with my story and approach you can read it here. I'll try my best to keep this journal update daily, mainly to make it a habit and create a sense of achievement for myself so that it'll make it harder for me to relapse. I'm also looking to inspire other and in exchange inspire myself as well. There'll be no fix formatting/styling for my journal, but I'll try to keep it clean and easily readable. My journal will also include my goals for short or mid term. Why Do I Want to Quit? [Reminder] I also wanted to write down the reasons I wanted to quit so that every time I check back on this post it serves as a reminder and keep me on track to that goal. I have big a dream that I wanted to achieve financial freedom in about 5 years, and have the option to retire at age 30, but the past few years I've been wasting more than 5,000 hours on gaming, thousands of hours watching gaming related videos on YouTube and Twitch, and thousands of unproductive hours because gaming has drain away all the motivation will not get me where I want to be.
  3. Thanks! Cool, I'm also interested in self-improvements topics and especially finance topic as I always seeking a way so that I could make a smarter financial choice, better investment strategy, etc. The course I've taken on Coursera were Investment Management, Introduction to Finance and Strategic Leadership and Management, there are so many courses I wanted to learn, but only if I had that better self-discipline ?
  4. Just wanted to say hi to all to everyone that's fighting for the same goal! It's nice to know I'm not alone! I'll save all the introduction in my journal post, which if you're interested (at least pretend to be) you can visit here: https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/topic/6866-josephs-journal-from-gamer-to-entrepreneur/ See you on the other side! ?
  5. Introduction Hi, I'm Joseph, and this is will begin my journey of game quitting. I'll try to make this short and readable so if at any time I feel like relapse I could quickly come back to read and remind me why I started, and all the effort I've been put into, so I wouldn't want these to be wasted effort. So here's a few things about me: Drop-out from college because I wanted to start my own business. (And when I found Coursera, EDX, MIT OCW were able to teach better than my college.) Had a lot of ideas, plans, but were never able to execute them because of weak persistence. I was lucky to make some money with Bitcoin, but I believe this is what kills all my motivation and bigger dreams. (I thought about to put my money into some ETF so that I could game 24/7 and live my life with the dividend, but that's a life without meaning, and I'd probably die earlier because of the unhealthy lifestyle.) Currently, I'm solo running a small digital marketing agency, which wasn't performing good because I spent too much time on gaming. Why Did I Want to Quit Gaming? And Why I Join Respawn? I've had a lot of business ideas, I want them to become reality, not just ideas and dreams. Gaming will suck up all my motivation and time to execute them. I couldn't play games in moderation. (Tried a lot of ways to control myself, limiting game time, none of them work. It's funny when I write the script that blocks game servers at a certain time, but later remove them myself, or install software like "Cold Turkey" but uninstall them as well.) I believe one reason I game is the online community where people have mutual interest, that's why I believe I should replace them with this one. (The idea of replacing the bad habit with the good habit is something that I've read from Charles Duhigg's "The Power of Habits", very insightful book to read.) The game time logged on my steam account (~3000 hours+) was enough to get an MBA degree or CFA, I hope I could restore those "lost time" I also don't like the person who I am when playing games. (Toxic, trash-talking, saying stuff that makes your opponent mad to feel superior as if I could manipulate their emotions.) What Would I Miss? The only thing that I would miss would be those fun times I have with friends, those time where we spent fun time playing strategy games like Dota 2, train to perfect shots in CSGO, or taming Dinos and making bases in ARK. Btw today's the release date of the new map of ARK, which I'm so hype, but then I think It's an opportunity, if I could hold it off not playing the new game which I've been waiting for months, I could regain control of myself. Anyway, I would probably still need to find a way to connect with my friends (especially those who are far apart), without gaming. Today Would be Day 0. From now on I would try to log my journey of game quitting, trying to update this as frequent as possible, and I hope my journey could inspire others within the same situation, or maybe you could inspire me too. So hey, if you like to ask me anything, just reply below, I would check this time by time. ?