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  1. Day 4 Do the cravings ever go away? They are just cravings now, I cannot act upon them... I read somewhere that if you tell people about your plans to break a bad habit, it helps, because you don't want to let them down. So in this case, i've let my partner know I will be playing no more! I want to so badly play some more 1 v 1. I've mostly every played 3v3 or 4v4 and just last week I started 1v1 and it was super fun, and I wish I could do more of it.... OK Back to work.
  2. I never cared about my rank, sure it was fun to try and see how good I was, but to me it was about the excitement I would get from trying new strategies.. It just feels so f*%$ing good to play!!!!!
  3. Hello. Yesterday was Day 1 of not playing SC2, It was really hard, because my bf is away, and all I wanted to do was play. I sent emails to Battlenet requesting to delete both of my accounts, and spent 15 minutes hovering over the SC2 Download link so I could play just.. one.. more.. game..! As soon as I came to terms with me not playing Starcraft anymore, it was like relief swept over me, like i allowed myself the opportunity to think about working on my never ending To-Do list.. ( I live in a forest house and have both work related and maintenance related tasks that stack up. I need to stop doddling and be more productive in general. I have so many books that I keep saying I will read, but instead play starcraft until I can't keep my eyes open... Day 2. Woke up excited to do this. Read my book today. Going for a hike now. Self Care Goals: Read more books! Hike 2-3 x a week Stretch daily Body weight excersizes to get swole!
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