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    So, I was around 150 days in my detox. For like 140 days I actually thought I was done with video games for good. I missed games some times, but I didn't miss the life I was living when I was gaming. But then ,about a month ago, I started to get serious cravings, probably because I was feeling a little more stressed about school than usual. First I thought that "this will pass, just stay strong". But when my cravings lasted for over a week and I was strugglings with them every single day I finally had enough and thought "ok, I'll try moderation... or you know... few days binge maybe?". At
  2. My first video gaming platform was Sega Megadrive. I think I was five or six years old when I started playing it and it quickly became my favorite pastime. When I was seven, my mother bought us our first computer that had Windows. At first, I had some children's games on that computer, but at some point I found a gaming magazine in a market that had a demo CD as an attachment. Instead of buying candy, I bought that magazine and started playing the demos on computer. Most of them were crappy or I couldn't get them to work as I was so young and inexperienced with computers, but one demo that I r