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  1. I'm glad you both enjoyed it! Let me know when you decide to visit! :D
  2. Welcome Julie! Nice to have you here!
  3. Yo Dernbu, welcome! Great step you're taking, congratulations on that! About the Respawn purchase, you two options: take on a summer job, ear some cash and invest it in Respawn; or open up to your parents about the subject, and even if they didn't accept to purchase Respawn, at least they would have the chance to understand and support you, as any parent would like, they just want you to be happy and well!
  4. Hell yeah bro! Portugal is amazing! You went surfing in Peniche? Did my people treat you nicely? I have been to Toronto last Summer, really enjoyed it too! Whenever you're thinking about coming around to Portugal I've got to show you around as well, the Southwest coast is amazing too. Would be honored to! I've got to congratulate you ont his project, I was kind of lost in the moment I quit gaming cold-turkey, but the very same day I've found gamequitters and I've been devouring it's content ever since! It really helps to read stories that speak to your very experience, written by someone you've never met, but can relate 90% of the story. As I've read earlier here, this is a new problem, only now the World Health Organization has declared it an issue. Gaming adiction was, at least for me, a soft, cheaper drug, but the adiction level and the emptiness and despair it brings is huge. And so I have to personaly thank you Cam for creating this comunity and resources to tackle this epidemic, you have not only helped the lives of ex-gamers, but their families, relationships, and the impact they will now have in the World. Keep it up man! P.S. - If you decide to come to Portugal, I'll cook you something hella good :D
  5. Welcome dude! Starcraft was a staple for our generation... but I imagine WoW to be much worse :/
  6. Hi and good vibes to whoever is reading this! My name is João and I am from Portugal, 29 years old, and have been a Dentist for 6 years now. I had 2 major reasons for quitting games (League of Legends and Hearthstone, mostly): I wanted to have free time to pursue anything other than gaming, because it was leading me absolutely nowhere; and I wanted to be a better boyfriend to my loving girlfriend (we live together for almost 2 years now). I have quit gaming for 4 days now, and the difference is those 2 issues has already been HUGE. I've restarted to work out, did a lot of chores that I was putting aside for so very long, and my relationship with my girlfriend has improved tremendously. As life progresses I have many passions I want to light up again, and give myself the opportunities to try new things, new hobbies, meet new people, to continue this beautiful journey we call "life" with the same excitement I had as a kid. Hope you have a nice day!