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  1. So, this is day one. I'm sitting in my room, which is a complete mess. I have no food in the fridge, most of my clothes need to be washed, and I haven't finished moving in even though I moved to my place in the middle of February. I have let everything slide because I have loved video gaming and have let that be my escape. Honestly, I'm sick and tired of it. I want to finish moving in and get fully unpacked, I want to pay attention to my health, I want to have a great social life, I want to pay attention to where my money goes and get out of debt, and I want to become more successful at my job. All of this can be accomplished by being mindful of my life. I have let that slip too long with gaming. I think that because I game I am able to not have to pay attention to what is going on around me and just escape the world. I have just deleted all of my games from my PC, and started getting my life together.
  2. My name is Ivan. I live in northern virginia and work at a business intelligence company. I have gamed since I was about 9, and have tried to quit gaming many times. I have succeed with up to 2 month stretches where I was really happy with my life, everything was going great including my health, social life, and work, but I have always relapsed. I enjoy rock climbing, the outdoors, kayaking, reading, sketching, and music. Here's to a new life, making this the end of gaming and the beginning of living to the fullest.