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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Day 2 completed Was at the ER with my friend for part of the day before going home and having the itch to play something. I fought the urge and decided to draw something again but as I'm writing this I'm having a huge game craving: trying to fight it though. Listening to the Audiobook for "Ready Player One" isn't helping at all haha but the book is so good. I hope I can make it through and see the benefits of quitting sooner than later.
  2. Day 1 Completed Day 1 was not that bad but when I got home from work I was itching to play Overwatch so bad especially after my friend came over with his PS4, played Persona 5, and then went on to watch some competitive Overwatch. I made it through though and decided to paint and draw (with a lot of frustration) to ease my mind and made a cool little painting.
  3. This is Day 1 of my new path to quit video games and live a more fulfilling life without games.
  4. Hi, I'm Modulus and I'm going to quit playing video games for good. I started playing video games around 6 or 7 years old with my father gifting me Pokemon Red and a Gameboy that Christmas. I was hooked. I replayed that game over and and that exploded into almost a full lifetime of playing PC Games, predominately MMOs. My frugs of choice recently were Overwatch and Warhammer:Vermintide 2. I use video games as an escape spending about 4 to 7 hours daily and skipping class and other responsibilities throughout the week. Recently I had a huge midterm assignment due but I spent most of my time playing video games the night and week before it was due and skipped class the next day and played video games. Quitting gaming for me would allow me to invest my time into other activities that I'm really interested in and help me live the life I want and should be living. This is day one: I quit video games at 3:30 AM March 13th, 2018
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