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  1. Day 2   (January 14, 2016)

    Made it on day two of my ninety-day detox mission, so far my life has been all the more productive with every aspect of life.

    Moreover, for the first time in weeks, I have finally felt a sense of accomplishment. Unlike winning a game in League Of Legends, this feeling of satisfaction does not fade away within the hour and become blanketed with regrets slowly after. If I had to use an analogy to describe how that felt; imagine trying to fill up a bottle with small poked holes. For every hour of video games I played, I manage to fill up this bottle with water, which gives me a temporary satisfaction until all the water eventually leaks out - The only other solution for me then is to continue playing another hour of video games, trapping myself in an never ending cycle.

    As I spent the day checking off my 'Dailies' off of my Habitica app: Meditation, reading for 25 minutes, brain training activities, etc. I realized that the process of doing them was not as fun as video games for sure, but the rewards of being able to overcome these small challenges to toughen up myself were more motivating and overall more satisfying than any other games I have ever played.

  2. Day 1   (January 13, 2016)

    Ever since I flew back home for Christmas, I began to indulge myself in all sorts of entertainment (mostly gaming) for the sake of rewarding myself for those long hard nights of cramming and studying for exams. Stopped working out, reading, meditating and all the other healthy habits that I had been working on for around two months now - thought it is about time I received my reward.

    Little did I know,  I became a boiling frog: Spending almost every single day playing Fallout 4 and League Of Legends, only going out for festive dinners with family. Just when I thought this would all end once I flew back to school overseas, the problem just became worse. Even without any access to consoles, I was tempted by my housemates who began playing League Of Legends again, with the game installed freshly on my laptop I started binging on it day in and day out, going so far as to skipping meals and classes altogether. 

    Yesterday, after an exhausting eight-hour marathon, I went for a shower and realized I did not even want to see myself in the mirror again; I was psychologically torn apart by the fact that this man is an entirely different person before getting bombarded with all these addictive pixels on a screen. That is when I know I needed help, and luckily, found Quit Gaming.

    Let the journey begin!

  3. Result Oriented Goals 

    ( Result oriented goals are the outcomes that I wish to have accomplished, with specific, measurable indicators to see how well I am doing)


    • Long Term Goals (My Commitment )
      • I abstain from any computer, console, and mobile games (including any source of gaming streams) for 90 days, from January 13, 2016, to April 12, 2016.
      • I am to become more active and social in my day to day life while stepping up my GPA in college after the 90-day detox on April 12, 2016. 


    • Short Term Goals (Milestones) 
      • [COMPLETED 01/14/2016]   I abstain from any computer, console, and mobile games (including any source of gaming streams) for 1 day, from January 13, 2016, to January 14, 2016.
      • [COMPLETED 01/20/2016] I abstain from any computer, console, and mobile games (including any source of gaming streams) for 7 days, from January 13, 2016, to January 20, 2016.
      • [COMPLETED 01/27/2016] I abstain from any computer, console and mobile games (including any source of gaming streams) for 14 days, from January 13, 2016, to January 27, 2016.
      • [COMPLETED 11/02/2016] I abstain from any computer, console, and mobile games (including any source of gaming streams) for 30 days, from January 13, 2016, to February 11, 2016.


      Action Oriented Goals

     (Action-oriented goals are actions that I am taking within 24 hours to build momentum every day to achieve my result oriented goals )

    • Process Goals (Actions Taken At the Meantime)
      • [COMPLETED 01/27/2016] I study and go through one Respawn: Elite module every day from January 17, 2016, to  January 24, 2016.