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  1. Day 38: Yet another day spent grinding through the gears to get all the work I can done and turned in. Also been debugging an old project I'm planning on using as part of my spoken comm final speech, so that's taking up all my free time when I'm not doing the other late work or finals.
  2. Day 37: Still working on the finals and late work, nothing really new to say.
  3. Day 36: Saw my notification go off, but I'm in the zone working on my finals. Will write a retrospective post tomorrow
  4. Day 35: Slept in today, and spent the day cleaning my apartment. After I get dinner I'm going to go to the wifi lounge my apartment has and keep working on my final projects. So far, even thought it felt slow when I started, today has gone by pretty fast.
  5. Day 34: Today was a good day. I finally fixed a bug in the project I wanted to base my final spoken comm speech off of, which means now I can do a live/interactive demo during the speech I'm still waiting on more results from my stats survey before I do the calculation and write-up just so I have a solid sample size. Class ends on the 13th, so things are coming close to an end. I've been working on the late work slowly, but this weekend for sure is when I have to get it done. Faculty have a meeting Monday, and there's no spoken comm class tomorrow, so I have a 4-day weekend to get caught up.
  6. Day 33: I was so busy working on my Stats final that I didn't notice my phone go off with the daily journal reminder. As a sort of tribute to my departure from games, I've decided to make my final project be about GPA vs Hours per week spent gaming, and seeing if there's a correlation. From some of the results I'm seeing, it seems there is one, but it's fairly small, but I haven't put them through the correlation formula yet so I could be waaay off and there might be a strong correlation. Class ends next Tuesday, so I'm starting to run up against the clock for the late assignments, but I've been working away at them, albeit slowly.
  7. Day 32: Well, that makes 2^5 days without games, it's been really hard. It's been more of the same in class again, so things are starting to get a bit monotonous. I'm in the middle of working on my stats homework as well as my projects so I'm gonna get back to work.
  8. Day 31: Today was SSDD, so nothing really interesting happened. No Spoken Comm (cause no class Mondays), and Stats just introduced yet another time-consuming formula, so that's fun. I'm still trying to find something to fill my free time, cause reading doesn't seem to cut it for me.
  9. Day 30: Well the good news is my cold is finally gone, so I'm feeling much better! But since it put me out of commission last week, I'm having to teach myself the stats stuff I missed so I can do the project-exam that's due tomorrow, so now instead of migraines, my brain is hurting in a different way. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I just kinda spent the day relaxing, mostly reading and watching TV, but I did mess around with the guitar for a bit. Today I overslept and woke up at 11 for whatever reason, but so far the day has been productive.
  10. Day 29: Nothing really interesting happened today, just spent the day relaxing and getting ready for working all day tomorrow on getting the late work done.
  11. It's kinda complicated; basically, it's a set of triangular panels that can change color. You can use the app of the same name (Nanoleaf) to change colors, which is kinda required to get it set up. BUT, you can put in different scheduled lighting settings at specific times, so I've got mine set to be a flickering bright white in the morning, and a dim fading red at night.
  12. Day 28: Wow, a whole month gone. Still, nothing much going on, haven't really gotten too far into Ready Player One either. I did get my Nanoleaf Aurora system finally working, so that's nice, especially since I can put it on a schedule to turn on in the morning really bright. Other than that, there's nothing really going on right now.
  13. Well, I haven't gotten too far, but from everything my friends who have read it are saying it's going to be a good book... I'm only a little bit through the first chapter, so it's mostly exposition and setup for the story.
  14. Day 27: Sick again, but today was better than yesterday. Missing class again is giving me a guilty feeling since I've already missed so much. I'm probably going to do my final Spoken Comm speech tomorrow if I can make it to class, but that depends on how well I feel. I've started reading Ready Player One since I have been avoiding TV and guitar. This will probably sound strange, but it's been a long time since I've picked up a book and started to read.
  15. Day 26: Still fighting off this cold... ended up staying home from class today which made my temptations that much harder to avoid. As the day has been going on I've slowly been feeling better, but this cold is taking its sweet time. I've been doing a bit of research for my English paper just to help pass the time, and when I get drained from doing that I've been getting caught up on Supernatural.
  16. Day 25: Woke up today feeling like death, but I managed to slog my way to stats class this morning and our teacher gave us a super easy 100 for the daily problem, so I'm really grateful for that, as well as no new material so the homework is just the same as last night. Since my Spoken Comms class is just doing Lab days for our final speech (which I have planned out already) I decided to stay home and get some rest and fight whatever cold I have. This week we're continuing the research paper and just taking our outline and turning it into a rough draft. With the migraine I've been having since I woke up I've been taking the day to just rest, so I'll spend time on that tomorrow.
  17. Day 24: So far today has been a slow one. I only had Stats in the morning, so I got the homework done earlier in the day. I haven't looked at my English assignment yet, but if I'm remembering how the course is organized, I think I'll still be working on that research paper from last week. Once again I keep finding myself getting distracted instead of doing the late work, so I'm going to just go work in the local library tonight to try and get a change of scenery.
  18. Day 23: Last Night my friend and I went to the Car Meet I mentioned, it was pretty fun. Other than that, It's been a really slow day. Been working more on that late work, but it's not going very quickly. I've made little progress on my stats project for this week too, so I'll need to start that soon. There are only about 2 weeks left in class, so I'm trying really hard to buckle down and get to work, but every time I sit down to start working, I just can't find the momentum. I keep finding myself looking for distractions, like watching tv or going out for a drive to clear my head, or even learning the guitar...
  19. Day 22: Met with Morgan this morning, we had a decent conversation about keeping ourselves on track with class. I worked on some late work, then around lunch, I hopped onto the program I'm using to teach myself guitar and learned Green Day - "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" so that's pretty fun! I also have plans to go out tonight and visit a car meet up that I saw posted on facebook with a friend of mine, so it should be good to get out of my apartment for a bit.
  20. Day 21: End of week 3! So far so good. I'll be meeting with Morgan tomorrow morning, and the rest of the day is gonna be all about getting my late work done so I can turn it all in Monday. Since I didn't have stats this morning, I slept in. My degree chair threw a pizza party for the Web Degree, which was really the first social event I've been to in a while. Saw some of my fellow cohort who have already graduated and had a good conversation with them. I've been chiseling away at the late work, but for awhile it was on the backburner since I needed to stay caught up with my classes so there wouldn't be even more late work.
  21. Day 20: Ever since my speech in spoken comm, my days have been really easy. This week's stats project is actually surprisingly fun; we just have to go out and find a research paper then analyze their methodology and results... and I got my English prospectus done and turned in on time (decided to write about implementing an autobahn system in the US Interstates). Since there's no grammar assignment nor discussion in English this week, I'm also getting caught up on the older work, which is something I've sorta just been taking baby steps on so I don't fall behind with current work.
  22. Day 19: Today was an easy day. I still have my statistics homework and English assignments to do, but there's a lot less pressure right now, and since my workload is pretty light I'll be able to get more late work done. Right now I'm working on the "prospectus" for a research paper (which is the final assignment in english), which luckily is a small assignment that I can tackle pretty quickly. Unfortunately, my statistics homework is more of the same from last night, meaning 2 problems each taking up about 35mins.
  23. Dunno why I said 23 when it was 17... also I could have sworn I posted yesterday, cause I remember writing it before I did my stats homework. Welp: Day 18: Had a pretty successful day. Spoken Comm is just going to be one final project two weeks from now, and that gives me plenty of time to work more on my catch up work. Stats has gotten pretty time consuming now; our homework is only 2 questions but each question takes about 35mins to complete.
  24. Day 23: Well, Washington's Birthday means I had no school today, and the winter storm that rolled in last night made going out awful. All wasn't for naught though, I did manage to get some work done on my late English papers. Not a whole lot, but it's like eating an elephant; one bite at a time right? Since I've already done my stats project since it was done in class and there's nothing going on in Spoken Comm, I'm kinda finding myself a bit bored tonight... maybe I'll open up the software I was using to teach myself guitar, but I know I'll have to be very careful to make sure it doesn't become another addiction.
  25. Day 16: Today was also a slow day. I'm having nonstop writer's block for my overdue english assignments, so I've been working on my stats project instead, but it's been kinda dull. I did also start watching a new show to pass the time. I'm still waiting to hear back from my PT to get my workout plan so I can start hitting the gym (since I know literally nothing about how to work out ). Hopefully he gets that to me soon. Also there's been a winter storm that blew in at noon today... supposed to get around a foot of snow so that's gonna be fun sorting out tomorrow morning.
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