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  1. Dear Joe, Hi I'm Michael, nice to meet you and welcome to the forums! It's great to hear that you decided to quit video games. A decision like that is hard for all of us to accomplish. To get rid of the feeling to play games again, just motivate yourself to never give up or do another activity. Me and the community wish you the best of luck! Your fellow game quitter, Michael
  2. Dear Game Quitters Community, This is all my fault, my former gamer friends found out our forum and has ruined it. They are just jealous because they can never be one of us. They will not get a job and they will will live in the streets! They are cruel and rude, I hope that the community understands by reading these people comments that they are an outcast. I truly feel sorry that they can't understand that gaming is destroying their life. They spend at least 100 dollars on a worthless game called league of legends. I'm truly sorry and I hope that no one got hurt with the outcast stories. Our bond is stronger than anyone of them we will always stay strong! Your fellow Game Quitter, MDog4117
  3. Sadly they are, I'm truly sorry for you and the community to have to bear these terrible comments.
  4. ??I'm sorry that you have to see this, these are very rude guests. None of the things they say are true
  5. Dear game quitters, Hello my name is Michael, I have made an most difficult decision to quit gaming forever! I have just recently quit and deleted all of my games. I have been playing video games for many years ever since I was four. After eleven years I am now able to set foot on the right path. It was not easy but I the trigger that got me out of the darkness and lead me to the light really worked. I finally feel confident that I can start my new life without games. Now I will discuss my story of how my gaming addition all began. I played games since I was four years old. It was casual playing until I got to the age of thirteen. This addiction started in the seventh grade. In the beginning of the year I was friends with the smart kids or people known as nerds. I did not mind at all if I was friends with them, they were one of the closest and best friends I ever had. Anyway, my friend that I talked to on the bus was part of the "cool kids" that played video games (I am indeed lucky that those kids do not do bad things like drinking, smoking and such), One day he introduced me to his friends and we started to talk. They said that they play xbox 360 and this got me the idea to get one. I then asked my parents for a Xbox 360. On my birthday that's when I received my 360. When I got my 360 I started to play it and get really addicted to it. This effect caused me to lose my friendship with my true friends and cause me to slack in class. At the time I did not feel any of the pain of loss or care about my grades ever since I started playing. This addition continued until I got into the ninth grade. I just decided to get rid of my console since I knew that school is very important. So I sold my console before school started. On the first day of school I was shocked. I was put in the special education classes. I was in the class were the stupid/ special kids are (no offense). However on the second day of school I received a new schedule of my classes. Then I was put in the normal/good classes that I should be in. Later, one of my old friends from kindergarten suggested that I should get a gaming pc. Sadly I listened to him and I asked for a gaming computer for my birthday. I picked one out on ebay and my father bought me it. About two months later the pc seller on ebay got banned since he was cheating people with money. I feel sorry to this day that my father had spent a good amount of money just for me just to be happy. My father still believes that I can achieve good grades and such and im glad that he believes in me. However the game addiction was too strong and I still played games until the end of the year. I was indeed sad that I did not recive second honors (when all grades are 85 and above). It was only one class that I had an 80 in but still it was the cause of the gaming addition. The friends that I played with on pc are from school. But now as of 6-18-15 I have officially quit gaming. I did not tell them nor I do not plan to. If I do encounter them I will admit the truth but as of now not at the moment. That is the history that caused the addition. The trigger that caused me to quit was thinking about school and my future. I thought that: what will playing games succeed?, how am I going to have a good life?, etc. I have dreams and goals. I want to make books and learn some new languages. I want to learn greatly in school and to be one of the smartest in my grade. I am quite interested in making a youtube channel. I want to walk the right path in life. Also one of my closest friends quitted his favorite game (clash of clans) and told me that he wanted to succeed in life too. Now it is summer, there are a lot of things that I can do. Now that I am free from gaming for good I can finally reach my dreams and goals. I am glad that the game quitters forum was created and I really wish to aid those that are in need for quitting games. If you have any questions or concerns please email me: mdog4117@gmail.com. This is my story, thank you. Your fellow game quitter, Michael