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  1. Hello, My name is Max -- I'm a legislative reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune in Washington. I posted several days ago in the introduction tab about an article on gambling mechanics in the video game industry I'm working on. The people who responded were very supportive and suggested I create a poll here. To be fully transparent, I'm not currently a gamer. When I was younger I logged an embarrassing amount of hours playing Runescape, but those days are long behind me. My memories of long xp-grinds were recently jogged, however, when I found a bill in my state legislature that proposed looking into loot boxes and other chanced-based purchases in games as a form of gambling. This brings me to you: I'm curious to hear from those in the gaming community about their experience with loot boxes, social casinos, micro transactions and other mechanics that may contain gambling mechanics. The people I've spoken to in addiction recovery and the gaming industry suggested these mechanics are blurring the line between the gambling and gaming industry. I've yet to find someone with personal experience of the issue. If that someone is you, feel free to reach out to my email or cell. There's also a poll attached to this post. Your feed back would be greatly appreciated. max.wasserman@thenewstribune.com 5202699396 Best, Max
  2. Appreciate the replies so far. I'm somewhat new at the tribune and just found out my phone line has yet to be changed from the person who worked before me. That might take some time, so in the meantime if anyone wants to reach out to me I can be reached at my cell, 5202699296. To Cam -- mind sending that text to my cell? The number I had listed was my desk landline. Thanks. And to Jose -- I'm about to send you an email. I am working on a story and would love to talk to some people in your community who's gaming problems have also involved loot boxes.
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Max and while I was at one point a gamer, I never considered myself to have a gaming problem. I am, however, interested in hearing from those in this community who have had problems, specifically in relation to loot boxes and other forms of in-game gambling. A little bit of background, I'm a government reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune in Washington state. I played video games throughout my childhood. My Runescape and Call of Duty playing habits may have bordered on excessive, but as I grew older and my interests shifted I stopped playing video games altogether. Now I'm looking into gaming addiction and its connection to an evolving video game profit model that includes paying real money for the chance at random in-game items -- or loot boxes as they've come to be known. If anyone has had experience with these boxes, or other forms of in-game gambling, I'd be happy to hear your story and thoughts on the matter. My contact info is on my profile but I'll post it here as well. max.wasserman@thenewstribune.com 3609437123 Edit: My landline works but I cannot check voicemail. For now, I can be reached at my cell, 5202699396 Best, Max