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  1. Try Learning Programming Language since I am assuming you still use your pc quite often, this skill would be useful. You can even try to open a business with it. (ps don't give up we know how hard it is to resist the urge but keep trying its worth it)
  2. Hey Django ;). I honestly think if I was not introduced to gaming at all during childhood, it would have forced me to find other hobbies and as result exceed in sports which I faced a major roadblock due to anxiety on tournaments. Oh well it is what it is. Life is forged differently for specific reasons. Anyhow to answer your questions: I spent 20-30 hours on these holidays and my vacation is not done lol. I do not know about PC gaming honestly. The thing is I take games too serious which leads me to be competetive. In fact any sort of "game" that involves going against other people will make me go competetive. You can play snake & ladders with me and I'll take it seriously loool. I do not know if I'll be able to moderate. Deep down my conscious mind says "no" but my desires are pushing for "yes". Thanks for the reply and advice Django
  3. Hello guys, My name is Hadj Adel (Adel for short) and I am 21 years old currently studying in my last year of college. I have been gaming since 5 years old starting with the n64. I really fell into a gaming addiction growing up and I wish my family never introduced me to gaming when I was a child but I guess thats part of life. I watched a lot of Cam's youtube videos and thanks to them, I am really understanding why I've been gaming pretty much all my file (- Its not about the games, its about why you play them (Cam Adair)). I am proud to say that I got rid of all my consoles. Lately I've been gaming only on my laptop with friends due to the holiday vacation boredom. Basically I do not think i'll ever come back to consoles however I am still tempted with PC gaming (thinking about buying a desktop pc). I am happy to know that many of us all are on this journey together. I hope we can help each other to over come our gaming addiction. Thanks guys