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  1. I started my journal entry here: Thanks again for everyone's replies.
  2. Thought I would come back and update after seeing the 90 day detox email. I signed up for the survey. I've been using all of my time now restoring my classic Mercedes, investing money in my Roth IRA and personal stock portfolio, I also bought a 3D printer and have made over $3k selling reproduction parts that I've designed and printed. It was tough the first few weeks after quitting. Luckily my girlfriend was visiting so I had no access to games. I also deleted my game accounts and team speak completely. It has gotten progressively easier to stay away from games with no access to those programs to even see what new games are out or talk to the people I used to game with. I realize those people I gamed with were also very toxic individuals. They knew I was starting to be reluctant in my game playing and they weren't too keen on me being around. A friend of mine who I've played games with before suggested I boot up a popular FPS and he would come over to play I admitted to him my addiction and that I couldn't play. Felt good to get that off my chest. I even mentioned to a young co worker that I used to play the same game he's playing now it's funny to talk to him about it at lunch but honestly I have no interest at all and his description of it seems so foreign to me now; same old same... New content and characters but really is it all that different? New bait, same hook.
  3. I once again just uninstalled the latest relapse game. I have to be done with wasting my time. I've tried to quit three or more times so far, each time looking forward to "earning back" all the time I wasted playing games. The last time I quit I stayed away from games for over a year. During that time I found Cam's gamequitters and it helped me stay strong. It was only within the last month I got nostalgic and even watched the nostalgia video by Cam, but I succumbed to the itch and downloaded a new FPS. Luckily, action games don't have the hooks that RPGs usually do and I was able to cut the attachment and uninstall. In my time away from games, I've been able to start making money with my ideas and being creative. I have been chipping away at my to do lists and getting a good base for living and becoming more stable. This is my first post here and maybe I should just lurk more, but I know from my experiences with self improvement that sharing not only helps yourself but it does help others relate to someone else going through the struggle. My girlfriend of three years will be moving in with me in the next two months. I've almost lost her twice due to my neglecting her and focusing too much on games. It's the subtle things, like when she calls and I'm in the middle of a game, I will give short answers and generally not pay attention. Even out of the game my focus was elsewhere and I couldn't pay attention. I wasn't present. I've hidden games from my friends for a long time. Going so far as to put down gamers to others around me so they wouldn't have a clue what I spent all my spare time on. I hope that by coming here I can kick my addiction for good, and offer and receive support from the community here. I hope that by making posts and externalizing my thoughts that I can rewire my brain and get back my sanity and stability. Thanks.
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