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  1. So - summary of the last 10 or so days Went to the Coromandel to spend a few days at the beach. No internet, no TV - absolute bliss. Got home and started my new fitness plan focusing on legs and core strength. Played football with some friends, went to cricket training. Asked a girl on a date yesterday and got her number. Grateful list - 1. Chocolate 2. The feeling of grass on bare feet 3. Cold showers 4. My parents 5. Existence 6. Valve amplifiers 7. House parties 8. Acting communities 9. Beer 10. Books
  2. You should change your latest post to "day 1" then. That's not how quitting works. To be fair, I just watched a few minutes of WoW arena, and I feel disgusting. Watching any sort of vids or even hanging around gaming forums is a horrible idea. I appreciate the sentiment but I don't see quitting like that. If I went home, immediately reinstalled league on my own laptop and started binging? Sure, that's a definite reset. One random game with friends in a social context where I don't usually game isn't problematic.
  3. How was the show? You're in a band? What do you play? I play in a multitude of bands on and off - whoever needs someone really. I play mostly bass but a bit of drums and guitar here and there.
  4. Hey guys - went away for a few days without internet. Slacked off on posting on this cheers for the responses. I think I may have misrepresented myself slightly - I haven't had difficulty with gamer friends leading me back. I see my gamer friends pretty rarely now, and only in non-gaming contexts. Those I was referring to who I do see are friends I usually play IRL sports with and that's literally the only time I've gamed with them. I will admit to have watched a few too many gaming youtube videos, but I find all it serves it to reinforce the pointlessness of playing. Eventually I'll eliminate it completely but on the whole I'm very happy with my progress in life since starting the quitting process.
  5. Hello all. Great day on the whole. Slightly slow start, and I did watch a Solwolf video (one of my guilty pleasures) but I had a good jam with a group of friends, wrote my end of year review, and went to play a show. Was slightly tired but pushed through it and enjoyed it enough. Things I'm grateful for 1. Cats 2. The sun 3. The protective magnosphere which prevents ultraviolet rays killing us all 4. The moon 5. Saturn (I'm in a spacey mood) 6. The universe for existing 7. The illusion of time 8. Baked beans 9. Chocolate sauce 10. Grass
  6. Cheers cam! Day 2 - Short entry since I'm absolutely buggered and want to go to sleep. Checked out a bit of the NZ vs SL test match. In the afternoon had cricket training and then rehearsals for a show I'm in the band for. I did play a lone game of league on a friend's account while I was at their house enjoying the cricket. It was completely spontaneous and I have no interest of installing or going back to play again so it wasn't a big issue. Things I'm grateful for 1. Goat's milk milkshakes 2. That my eyes aren't on my buttcheeks 3. Weeping angels don't exist 4. Kane Williamson being awesome 5. Baked beans 6. Chocolate 7. Music 8. Theatre 9. Life in general 10. Cats
  7. Hi everyone, I quit games at new year last year. There's been a few stumbles along the way, but I've stayed pretty clean. I haven't gamed at all in the past month. I've been staying busy with university, bands, shows, and sport. Life is good but I've had issues with compulsive internet use, which is partially why I've decided to start this journal so there's some accountability. So day 1. I watched two league of legends videos today. Yes, I know it's not a good idea. It doesn't help me in any way at all. I refuse to beat myself up about it though, which is one thing I've learned through this process. The simple matter is that we all screw up. We're not perfectly productive robots. Instead of dwelling on the mistake I made, I got up and went to the gym, then went for a run. Unfortunately when I got home and made lunch, I went back on the computer and vegged out for another two hours. I felt terrible afterwards, yet somehow I never quite remember that before I park myself in front of the screen. At the moment the habit I'm focusing on is simply getting up at 8am 6 days a week minimum, allowing one day with a sleep-in for late night partying/socializing. 10 Things I'm grateful for: 1. Food 2. My Health 3. I live in a country where people don't get shot randomly 4. The awesome haircut I got yesterday 5. The time I have to focus on my personal development 6. Sexy blondes 7. Sexy redheads 8. Fried onions 9. This website 10. That the ocean isn't filled with sulphuric acid 11. That rats don't know how to use machine guns