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  1. Hello friends, for a while now I have dabbled in the idea of quitting video games only to jump right back in after a few days. But after spending 9 hours straight playing DayZ (I have put probably 2,000+ hours into DayZ) I deleted steam and all my pirated games for the final time. It all started with my brothers PS2 back in the day, me and my best friend would play all sorts of classics and that went on through elementary+middle school. However things really started to go downhill once I got into PC gaming, and even worse once I built my own $1200+ rig. All through high school my normal day was wake up just in time to go to school, finish school than bolt home and plop down into my chair and delve into the deep, dark cesspit that is online gaming. I cant even comprehend how much time I spent in front of a screen but I feel it is time I take this weight off my shoulder and work on something that will propel me to be a better person. I have fallen so low with video games I dont think I will ever be able to play in moderation (Out with friends is different) so I think its time I donate my gaming rig and really buckle down on my life. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, if you want to talk I am always willing c:
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