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  1. Hello I've just started my 90 days without gaming. This is my situation: I've had a group of 4 friends for many years now, and ever since the group started to exist the main topic for conversation has been gaming and talking about edgy and stupid memes, since I'm trying to stop with the first one and I'm striving to reduce the second one to a minimum I should follow Cam's advice and just leave them. Neverthelss, this last 2 years the dynamics of the group have started to change, first we started to go Pubbing, normally in the pubs we don't speak with no one else, but we've ocasionally made some friends. Ever since two of us have learned to drive a car we've been going on a lot of roadtrips around the country and abroad (we've crossed the frontier to go to Andorra and France), and we even catched a cheap flight to Rome (Italy) last summer to go visit a friend we met through gaming , right now we've just made reservations to yet another cheap flight to Venice (lottsa friends in Italy) to meet another of those friends who lives in a nearby town. We've also engaged in other hobbies aside from gaming but that's another story. To sum up, our main topic of conversation is still videogames and memes but other topics have recently popped up due to this changes. Two of these friends, I'm my humble opinion, have a problem with gaming, the one remaining does not. Following Cam's suggestion, I gave my Steam account to this last friend and It hasn't been a big deal, I do not know, however, how the others will react to the news. I would rather not troubling them with my personal endeavours, but this changes did not come out of nowhere, for years I've been trying hard to move the group in this direction in order to help myself to distance from videogames, and it has definetly also benefited them. Of course, on taking Cam's lessons I intend to create other new groups of friends, but should I keep in touch with this group of people that I have succesfully managed to drive in another direction (while I try to move them away from gaming even further) or should I put some distance between them and me at least for this 90 days in which I'll be undergoing the detox (except for Italy, because we're going for sure )?
  2. Hi this is Uaskar, This website came under my radar when I whatched the Stephan Molyneaux podcast. I found the founder's story very interesting, and since I want to be a more confident and impulsive person (one of my biggest problems is that I overanalize and think too much) I bought the full program right away. Reading Cam's story I realized my situation is not the worst but definetly is not much better than his when he decided to quit. For instance, I did not drop out of highschool, in fact I'm in the middle of a physics degree, however I have lied to my parents multiple times about going to class, it would not be a problem if I worked a lot on my own, since I am better at learning on my own rather than listen to a teacher, they just don't understand it, paradoxically they keep on praising my two grandfathers who were great at self-learning even though none of them even went to elementary school but I digress. I've tried a lot of things to cope with my several addictions (gaming, media, porn...), and I have chosen this method because I feel like it empathyzes daily work (a concept which I really need to learn and master) and the contact with other members of the game-quitting comunnity. I have high expectations on this program, I'll keep you informed of my progress. Btw, forgive this lazy Spaniard for the possible gramatical mistakes, I'm supposed to be really good at English but writting is not one of my strong points.