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  1. I'm wanting to stop playing video games but every time I want to stop I keep thinking...what am I suppose to do now? Video games is literally all I know. I've spent my whole life playing them. I know there are hobbies, clubs, etc... to do instead. Its just I don't know what I'm passionate about. In the past, I always told myself I would stream video games, make a living doing it, make friends, go to gaming events to socialize and hangout and so on. After having that mindset for so long, it's hard to think of me doing anything else. I work a normal full-time job monday-friday and play video games on my weekend if I don't have anything planned. For me, I don't think it would be hard to quit gaming. The hard part is finding something that I like just as much, to fill that void. That's where I'm at right now. How do I find my passion? What I'm suppose to do with my life? I want something to put my life and dedication to like I did video games.
  2. Hey! My name is Hayden. I am 22 years old and live in South Carolina. I have a gaming addiction. I have been playing games for 10+ years. I feel like video games is all I know and that's why I keep sticking to it. The game I dumped most of my life into was World of Warcraft and some other Blizzard games. I was never into the single player story type games as much as the competitive player versus player aspect of them. Competing against other people is what made it feel satisfying and had me playing for so long. The reason I want to end this gaming addiction is because it prevents me from having a social life and is feeding my social anxiety. When I'm stressed or bored my answer was always games. If I wasn't playing games I was watching people play games on Twitch. If I wasn't watching twitch I was watching people on Youtube. That was my never ending cycle. And that is why I am here now. To break that cycle. I feel like the hardest part will be ending the online friendships I have made over the years. We only know each other through the games and all we would talk about are games. So I find it mandatory to end these friendships. Also, Blizzcon is next week. The annual event held by Blizzard Entertainment to announce new games and expansions... Just to make things even more difficult.