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  1. Hi Cam and Wookie. The depressive episodes are likely a mixture of things, but definately noticed spikes when I contemplate the future and/or when I feeling like I'm not getting anywhere or being trapped. Gaming doesn't help because it both calms and feeds that cycle, I end up escaping with games from the low mood and then feeling bad about misspent time. Wookie I've tried meditation before but struggled with quieting my mind or not falling asleep, can you recommend any resources you found helpful?
  2. Hi Guys. Thought I'd give an update as I've not posted for a while. Was doing well until after Christmas when I had a bad relapse and have played almost all the weekends through January and have got quite down. Definitely see a link between depressive episodes and extended gaming times. Also found that I was replacing one antisocial habit for others e.g. watching boxsets and reading fiction books. Going to join a couple of meet up groups so I'm not in the house so much to avoid temptation and to socialise more, any other suggestions that have worked for you guys?
  3. Thanks for the advice Tom, greatly appreciated. Love Pink Floyd and "Dark Side of the Moon" is probably myfavourite floyd album, very good choice of song btw.
  4. Thankfully we haven't been able to get the 1 hour "game time" this week because of scheduling so I'm now just over a week clean. I've been feeling a little down but it's good to not be using them especially as time "filler". Unfortunately neither of us are particular good with phone calls but maybe that will change when there's more to talk about besides jobs, video games and movies.
  5. Thanks for the response Florian, guess the old saying youth is wasted on the yound comes to mind... although I appreicate that mid 30 isn't necessarily all that old, wish I could go back and talk to my 18 year old self, but that's life we make mistakes, we learn and improve. Definately feel the pressure of time now that I'm 40-50% through my life, certainly feels like it's gone quickly so far, using that as motivation to not waste anymore time.
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the support. One of the issues I'm having is that I tend to have regular gaming sessions (once a week) with my brother, who lives in another part of the country and it does help to keep us in contact and we chat while we play, it's been a good bonding experience as we've not historically been very close, we've also been working on a small game together using unity. I'm hoping I can limit my gaming to 1 hour a week in which I play online with him, but if I can't keep to that I'm going to have to go cold turkey. If I need to quit gaming cold turkey would you recommend stopping our joint project seeing as it's game related?
  7. Hi Guys. I'm a gamer in my mid 30's and like many of you I've got my fair share of issue like depression, social awkwardness and general disillusionment. I've come to the conclusion that gaming has become a problem for me and is exasperating a lot of my issues. Although I've managed to go through university and have a career I'm finding that I'm stalling and haven't made any progress in my life either professionally or socially for 3-4 years now, life has become unrewarding, in fact I'm not enjoying life at all and I'm seeing all my old friends drift away and make families. While it's great to see your friends happy with kids, it also hurts knowing that you've missed opportunities and I'm at a point where I need to change my behaviour and potentionally career while I still have some decent miles left on the clock. I'm guessing I'm one of the older guys here and I'm more then a little anxious that I may have left it to late to turn things around, so if you've got any inspirational stories of 30+ guys/women turning it around, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. Colonel