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  1. Day 7 Wow 1 week already, pretty awesome. Today we had breakfast together at work. Eating and talking for like an hour was pretty enjoyable. I can already feel the good effect non gaming has on me. Socialising is a lot easier when you dont constantly feel like you cant look someone in the eye because you are tired as fuck and gamed all day. When i gamed i always had this weird feeling somewhere in the back. The feeling that you cant really talk to people and focus on them and respond properly because some thoughts about gaming are always present. I dont quite know how to describe it. Yesterday i realized that i want to get into some kind of martial arts. I think it would be really valuable for me to get into "fights" in a safe environment. Back in school i got bullied by some kids. At first i defended myself but in 5th grade i got into a fight i initiated and lost badly. Ever since i kept shut when bullied (which got worse over time) and got really anxious about it. The fear that a situation might get physical also seems to stun in situations that definitely wont, like at work. I think that actually experiencing fights and learning how to defend myself properly will help me to be able to stand up for myself in all parts of life. Another thing that happened today is that my mother asked for money. For some background, she is currently not working because of mental illness and she is really bad with money. No matter how much money she has, no matter how big her budged, it wont last a month. Back when we lived together (like 3 months ago) she even stole money from me. Back to today, she asked for money and i simply told her no. It sounds like a casual thing to do, pretty easy, but if you basically dont know other and your mother asks you for stuff it gets into quite deep psychological stuff. I mean i love her, and i offered her to buy some food and stuff (which she declined) and she sometimes helps me out, too, just because she wants to and can at the moment, but that just has to stop. Oh well, it has only been a week and my mindset already shifted in a way i couldnt have imagined. I hope it stays this way. If my future self would ever get back to gaming, dont, life is much better without! Gratitudes: - my bed - books - a hot shower in the morning Peace! PS: Does someone know how i can get rid of all those red lines below words? I think autocorrection is set to german, but i cant find an option to change it anywhere.
  2. I dont quite know what you mean with "poke" cafes, have not seen them in germany. But fast food is not really a problem for me, i rarely eat junkfood. Day 5 Just a normal work day. Still feeling sick so didnt work out today which sucks. I could really use the good feeling and energy you get when you work out right now. Yesterday i went to bed at 10 pm and couldnt fall asleep. At 11:30 i decided to read my book instead of lying there restless. I finished it and it was pretty good. I really enjoy reading which is something i never thought i would say a week ago . Next up is Rich Dad Poor Dad which i just bought today. Can't wait to get into it. Something i miss about gaming right now is the socialisation. Simply chatting with guys ive known and gamed with for years now or hanging out in a twitch channel. Feeling kinda lonely. Thats it for today, will read some now and then get some good sleep :-) Actually no, lets do some gratitudes, i really like the concept: Im grateful for: - having a job - the capability to make good healthy food on my own - being healthy (except for that damn cold ) Peace!
  3. Day 3 Yesterday was kind of like day 2, had a hard time getting up but eventually took a shower and felt like a new person. I definitely have to work on my morning routine on free days. Starting up the PC right after waking up should not be my go to anymore. Its interesting because on work day i immediately take a shower upon waking up and am ready to go. Anyways the Day started late but i went out, had a lucky perfect spot to watch Fireworks, went to a friend and watched some movies while enjoying a few drinks. Overall a pretty good day. Had some cravings in the morning but nothing serious. Day 4 Same thing with the morning routine. My alarm went off at 11:30 am but i slept til 1 pm. I started up the PC and was about to visit twitch but decided to watch some TED talks instead. At 3 PM i finally took a shower and my motivation skyrocketed. I went voting and then ate some at McDonalds for the first time in half a year or so. It tasted fine but i felt like i ate nothing afterwards even tho i had just eaten like 1.5k calories ; so thats enough McD for the next year. I walked to my fathers place, took care of his cat and watched some Netflix. Just got home and i feel pretty good right now. Not thinking about gaming at all. And i really start to enjoy just walking places and being in nature, its so calming. I also started reading my book and damn do i enjoy it. I almost finished it and am already looking forward to the next one. Something interesting happened while reading - I got very emotional and almost teared up even tho the story was nothing to tear up about it felt good tho. I am about to catch some sleep now and start fresh into the next week. Im actually looking forward to work as it will keep me busy for most of the day. I will probably start to work out again tomorrow if my health allows it. If not i will wait a couple more days, dont wanna fuck things up. Peace out
  4. Hello there. Short introduction. Day 1 was yesterday. Kinda weird day to be honest. I am sick atm so im not going to work til next Monday. I woke up at 2 pm and the first thing i did was start up the PC. I wanted to play but instead i went to gamequitters, watched a few videos and decided to uninstall all my games. The reason for that was the thought that if i am playing over the next 4 days monday will pretty much be here already, i will be tired and worn out by gaming, and would have done nothing productive at all the last 4 days. And i dont want that to happen again. So I took a bath, made myself ready to go out and went to my percussion lesson i finally signed up for last week. It was really enjoyable but as soon as i was home again i wanted to play. The cravings were strong so i watched some Twitch to calm my mind. I was up late and went to bed at around 2 am. But i did not play so thats a start. Day 2 The day pretty much just started as i woke up at 2 pm again. I feel pretty awake and not that sick anymore so the sleep was worth it. But as soon as i woke up i wanted to play. I ate breakfast, watched some youtube and right now i am doing this post. And i really feel like playing some Overwatch right now. Its so weird. I dont even enjoy it that much. Its all about the sick multikill plays that give me a short high. If i were to play right now i would most likely get mad at my teammates for perfoming bad, get mad at myself for getting mad at this game, would join pointless arguments via ingame chat, and it would be 2 am in an eyeblink. And I dont want that to happen. Ok rant over, i will probably read the book "The Present" today as it luckily came yesterday after i just ordered it without thinking about it like 2 weeks ago when i read some comments of a TEDx talk. Other then that i could buy some food and make myself a nice meal, clean my flat and listen to some music. Let's see how it goes
  5. Hey guys, so I've been lurking the forums and reddit for months and it's finally time to become invested. I am a 22 year old guy from germany and games were a part of me for as long as i can remember. It all started like it probably did for most people my age, with the Game Boy and Pokemon. Everything was fine until i eventually got exposed to World of Warcraft. I remember creating new trial accounts every week just to play the starting zone of the gnomes. The freedom to walk wherever you want, exploring this huge world and getting rewarded by killing stuff was overwhelming for my young mind. One day i went shopping with my mother and my sister and got asked if i want anything - i didnt have anything in mind on the spot so i said no, when my sister asked about this game i play and if i didnt want that. I was hooked ever since and basically played as much as i could. I hated it if friends asked me to go somewhere because fuck, i wanna spend the time playing. Luckily i was always pretty good in school but i neglected going out whenever i could. It all got worse in 2012 when Diablo 3 got released. It was the first ARPG i ever played and it hit right home. The hunt for loot was so addicting, especially with the real money auction house being a thing. And then there was Path of Exile. Oh my. It had everything. The hunt for loot, the gameplay, the economic part, and on top of all that, the freedom to create anything you want. With me finishing school in 2014 and not knowing what to do, i spent all day every day playing up to 16 hours a day. Play until 4 or 5 am, sleep until 3 pm, repeat. I signed for some random University course just so i had something on paper. I pushed myself to go for 1 month and then told myself thats not what im going to do, so i had 11 more month of nothing. Instead of looking for a job or writing applications for vocational training i played PoE. Sometimes my friends would ask me if i am still alive and if i wanted to do stuff, which obviously i didnt, but i lacked courage to say no so i went. And i usually enjoyed it. But as soon as i was home again all i did was playing. It was terrible. When you play all day like that its impossible to make a change. I mean, when you wake up at 3 pm the day is pretty much over, so might as well play games and change something tomorrow, right? The time went by and i was no longer officially studying. But i didnt get up and search for something, so i was unemployed. The thought of being unemployed after finishing school with a good Abitur was ridiculous. That pushed me to write some applications and lo and behold i got a place for vocational training - starting in another 8 month. So i continued to play games. Fast forward to today: I am in my second year of the apprenticeship and love it, moved out from home into my own apartment, still dont go out as often as i would like to, and still play games on and off. I want to stop for good as binging is a huge problem especially at weekends. As long as i have stuff to do i dont feel the need to play, but weekends are rough. Alright thats it for now, feels good to finally have it written down. Expect my Daily Journal to come later today :-)
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