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  1. Great! I look forward to reading the stuff you share.
  2. Much more. I still have my issues. I stay up waaayyy to late (it's 3:41 right now) but the difference is the compulsion and the obsession of it all. I am still behaving in an addictive manner by staying up pretty late and abusing my body, but I am not powerless over my activities like I was while I was actively gaming. I worked on my miniatures and listened/watched youtube videos of hunters looking for small game. I am acquiring a growing fascination and interest in hunting, but also evaluating how I feel about it. The morality and such. I'll go into more detail in the diary - thing.
  3. Hey folks. I am a recovering addict who has addictively played videogames in the past looking to share my experience, strength, and hope with others who struggle with the same phenomena. It's been somewhere around three years since I got clean, and about... four ...?... years since I last played a game. The perpetual fear and anxiety I experienced while actively using, and during my time dry was miserable. Now that I am clean it is my goal to share what I know to those who are looking for similar freedom from this disease. Feel free to ask me any questions pertaining to game addiction, and living life beyond it.
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