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  1. Hi guys, I'm Lucas, from Argentina and its been exactly 52 days since the last time i played. I'm studying industrial engineering, had a girlfriend until april (now we are trying to repair the relationship and be together again), and my life was a mess until 14 days ago, since i started to reorganize my life again to the basics when i had a schedule and most of my life was going well. by those times i used to play without feeling guilty or anxious because the rest of my days were organized by schedule, and i had time to play the guitar, sing, go to the gym and play in my free time. The mess started when i broke the schedule and i started to improvise work and study times. Thats when i started to feel guilty when playing or even when going to train or do whatever else besides studying. Now i could organize my schedule again and i think im going back to gaming but i think i'll only play offline games, not community addictive online games. In these times i didnt play i got bored sometimes but not much to be honest. But i feel like there will be no problem if i add normal and not so much gaming into my life. What do you think? cheers!
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