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  1. Day 35 today! I tend to think that the main factor of my so-far-ish succes with quitting gaming is the fact that I replaced gaming with activites in real life that helped me get the same things I was looking for in gaming. That's why it hasn't been as hard to resist desires to watch a gaming video or play a game anymore. I just shifted my focus from gaming (by cutting it off completely) to my work and achievements in theatre - I got all the same "perks" but just in real-life: sense of teamwork, feeling of challenge, progress and acoomplishment, admiration by others, building connections with
  2. Yesterday marked the 30 day milestone. Amazing! Thank you all guys for the support. I realize I couldn't have done without such amazing people who are all-in for self-improvemrnt around me.
  3. Day 28. The milestone is just around the corner! I want to deal with my phone and internet addiction. It's become apparent that I have one. I constantly run to it when I am on my own.
  4. Thank you friend, it is true. I think the state of my body also represents the mess that is inside of me at the moment. However, I will improve my body and I will start cleaning my flat. I am starting with making my bed daily! A good video to watch on this topic: Inspiring: Change the World by Making Your Bed - by Admiral William McRaven Day 25 meanwhile, whoohoo! My life has got better w/o gaming just because now I got more time to do stuff that actually matters for me and has a positive impact on my life or relationships with other people.
  5. Day 24, thanks for the support everyone. Just got back from a trip to Belarus with my theatre, a lot of work is ahead. My flat is a mess, but I was reminded recently that home should be a sanctuary that you trust, where you rest and gain strength. I want this to be true in my life. Feeling wierd because I am tired as hell but I believe that I can improve and be better at organising my life.
  6. I've been "sober" since September, 5 which makes today Day 17. Pretty nice! Two best decisions that helped me stay through this are: 1) hard-deleting all progress in-game (and don't worry about any sunk coasts, just move on to a different life); 2) avoiding any material that is connected with gaming. I even had videos of a favorite youtube channel closed because the host would start discussing games. It's a bit radical but it really helps. I'll be honest though I still have troubles with discipline and self-management at home and also still struggle with my NoFap comittment, so posting here i
  7. I feel a lot of inertia and I constantly procrastinate on important stuff for myself. Exams are on Sunday but I have not started properly getting ready for them (just here and there from time to time). Yet I do stuff that's connected with other people - like playing in theatre or helping a friend repair something at home, but this all seems not so relevant in the view of the upcoming exams. I am also trying a thing for myself that I called "Decisions Maraphon" where I take up a new decision-commitment every other Wensday and Saturday. The idea behind it
  8. Hey guys! I quit completely on 5th September, hard-deleting all my progression in a game I was playing extensively (on and off) since about May this year. I figured out that this decision is more about lifestyle I want to lead and in a world where I'm not a gamer those "achievements" won't matter anyway. I still binge watch gaming videos though and I am working on solving that. I've started a little experiment for myself (of which I am looking forward to telling you later), but connected to this particular area of my life I'll share here that starting Wendsday I am not watching any gaming rela
  9. Day 5 (7-31-17) I'm a bit late on the report. Erm, all good, I spent most of the day creating a birthday video for my dad, than I went to the gym and watched "All Eyez on Me" in a movie theatre. I've been doing really bad job at completing things that need to be completed, namely, cleaning, buying new clothes, repairing my rucksack, getting ready for the upcoming trip. But at least I do not give in into gaming as I just can clearly see how it will hinder the whole process that is currently happening and that is for the good. Mett and Tom - thanks! I'm doing my best to stay active.
  10. Day 4 (7-30-17) Super tired for two days straight because I've been having a lot of walks around the centre of the city and the workouts have been really making me exhausted. I'm back at home today after two huge days and I need to start cleaning the flat so that's what I am about to do for the night. I'm doing my best to stay focused on getting myself busy or emerged into social life so that my struggles with personal life don't bother me as much. @Mettermrck thank you for the support as always. Always nice to hear some feedback on what's going on in my life, even if short! That's it! Have a
  11. Day 3 (7-29-17)All is good. This is probably going to be a short report - I have little time before the photoshoot and I feel like it's easier for me to report in the first half of the day, because I often get home late.The meeting with the friend went well! I had an awesome haircut and indeed it feels like having a fresh start, especially because it is summer now and I don't have any theatre which meant that I could go for a more aggresive style, and I did. I like it so far.I tried to call A. to come over to my place today before I go to SPb but she said she was not sure if she could make it.
  12. Day 2 (7-28-17) I've started cleaning up. Thanks @Mettermrck for the good advice on this one. I will implement it partially, since I have limited time before I leave for a small vacation trip next week. No gaming dreams today and thanks @Cam for the video, I now have watched the video and it's defently good to know that people experience this kind of stuff as a sign of withdrawal from heavy gaming. Gratitude is awesome so I thank you! My regime is a bit cracked up - I get up late, like 11:30 today. I also don't have any morning routine going for me, or more specifically my morning routine cons
  13. Day 1 (7-27-17)I might not have time to respond later. It's been a good day overall. I had wierd "gaming" dreams today.Created another happy birthday video for a friend in theatre. Turned out her birthday is only next month, but oh well we all had good time making and watching it anyway.My friend bought a car today. I got to be the first passenger. Awesome.I'm going for a excursion in a jewish museum today with a group of theatre colleagues as we are getting prepared for a new production with a jewish theme which I mentioned often in my previous posts.Also I have a big talk today with the head
  14. Hello, Gamequitters' world! Journal: [27 Jul - 27 Sep] 90 Days of Me I'm 24 y.o. Russian male. I live in Moscow, the capital. I've been struggling with video games addiction for the past 10+ years (I started early, things got real when I got my own PS and then PC ofcourse). It's funny how I've never really realized that I've been struggling with this activity for so long now, like it's been really a substantial part of my life this whole time though I am constantly trying to make myself think otherwise. This thought was very important for me, and I'm really grateful that I came to terms with t
  15. Hello, Gamequitters' world! So I'll a tell my story in the introduction section so that you can read it here: From George with Love In short I've been gaming on and off for more than 10 years now, and, you know, there were times where I didn't play for like 2, may be 3, months, but in the end I always came back to it. So I've finally decided to change something in my pattern of how I approach relapses and try a different approach. I'm considering buying the respawn pdf but for now I'm just taking on the 90 days detox challenge. I really like the way it is put - you don't have to quit games for