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  1. Day #23

    This was a weird day. I feel old. I had about 6 beers and 3 smokes at a party. Slept at 3am. Conclusion: Not worth it. It simply is not worth it anymore. In Mexico is a cultural and social activity to get wasted on weekends or during birthdays. I am pretty sure successful people either avoid those parties or just show up for the first hour and then leave.

    In the future I will simply avoid putting myself in this situations. I either go to the party for a short time, to have 1 or 2 beers or not go at all. On smoking I felt the only benefit is as a conversation starter with the opposite sex but even so...

    I think it's universal anywhere in the world, well maybe apart from countries where drinking is illegal. Getting wrecked on weekends is what people do religiously when they don't have tough enough goals and just drift through life.

    I like your strategy, it's totally fine. Another option is to drink something non-alcoholic. No one can tell if it's water/apple juice or hard liquor you're drinking. I was bored dumb when I stopped drinking at nightclubs. Being sober around drunks and with so-so music playing felt old, but with beautiful ladies involved it was still tolerable. As for smoking, the ban on indoors smoking in Russia made the social aspect redundant. Compliments and basic social questions are also good conversation starters. Thank God that cocaine or anything of that nature is not considered a fool-proof icebreaker in your nightlife scene xD.

  2. I think I might be making a fool out of myself constantly xD, but I tend to disregard pretty much all of it. I think when you up the scale of challenges you take on, you stop sweating the small stuff entirely. I like Michael Jordan in the that respect, he manfisted countless times in words and actions that he doesn't really care about missing shots, hogging the ball and messing up as long as he wins. To think of it he was a huge asshole of person, but he won a lot and many people like him anyway.

  3. @Hitaru Thank you for finding time to watch those videos! :D I'm happy that you liked them.

    I've noticed that you're more upbeat recently, and I'm glad if you sincerely feel that way. I've taken the silent pause to motivate you to watch those videos that I searched and found for you. So, no worries there, you may count on me to support you. How's your goal list doing by the way?

  4. Day 37

    I'm happy to tell that my weekend grind has paid off. :D I now have a solid understanding of my next steps and have already started on them, I have streamlined my urgent landing page and SMM work, also I've switched back to a site-building service I used three years ago. Whoa, didn't think I've been doing all that for so long now O.o. Anyways, they have greatly improved greatly and now provide a sufficient range of capabilities besides being more user-friendly than my current contractor.

    I say that I will have my new landing page published and working by the end of this week (it's Monday already). Also I 'll start posting on my two new corporate Instagram and updated Facebook accounts. It's going to be a very busy week, wish me luck and I wish you the same.

  5. You're out there doing it, improving your business. And like you said, you're not escaping into dream worlds. So be proud of that! ?

    Vlad, this forum is about "living a life you're proud of", not just not gaming. Gaming is the crutch, but then you gotta walk, right? You're doing damn fine man, keep up the great work! 

    That said, a balanced businessman is a truly successful businessman. Don't forget to rest hard! You're training your minions to delegate after all. The Overlord doesn't micromanage, that's a videogame myth ;)

    Thank you guys, love your support.

  6. Feeling a lot better today, mostly just nervous about my first Martial Arts class. I have social anxiety and this is one of my first times going out alone to a new social situation in a long while, but I hope it's still fun even with the nervousness. 

    So, how did it go?

  7. Hey friend, a great way to get support from us everyday is starting a journal. You can write at the Non-English part of the journals. You can tell us about how your days are going, and we can provide better support and cheer you on every day as we get to know you better.

    True that! That's why we're here.

  8. Dear brain, please remember that you like exercise and you feel better afterwards. And please stop craving chocolate, it only makes your friend body sluggish and puffy.

    Yeah, being of healthy weight feels way better than chocolate tastes.

  9. Day 22

    I fulfilled my few months old dream: actually slept as much as I want today) My son seems to be becoming addicted to being lifted up in the air. He happily screams, but wife's sister says she's scared to watch it. 

    Does your wife's sister have kids? I remember being terrified at how my friend used to toss his little daughter up in the air. She was as happy as kids can be and I was flinching every other time. He said you get comfortable with that with time.

  10. Next on the list: the big P for porn. Oh man, I really don’t like talking about this one. I do not know if I should put this goal off for another week until I make my sleeping pattern right which is already hard as it is, because I know that it will make things even more confusing having tried previously.

    Nobody likes talking about that xD. Just focus on what's to gain from quitting.

  11. I notice when I'm doing better with my personal development, I tend to do better with socializing. When I'm messing up, I tend to take the guilt out on others or just stay away from them. Sounds like you're doing much better! ? Thanks for your kind words, btw.

    Same here, I think it's a usual man's pattern. We pull away in hard times and socialize way more when on a roll.

  12. People are going to call you crazy because you have more ambition than them in coming up with ideas for your clients, but you are doing good not rushing into it and actually coming up with a plan. Just keep doing what you are doing, Vlad.

    Thanks, bro

  13. When are you moving, Zeeko? A new life awaits you! ?

    I shall be moving on the 23rd next month :)

    Day #16

    Man, I literally lied in bed all day. Didn't play any games but the sudden void has splashed over me with force.

    Im not going to be too hard on myself though, it was a big turn yesterday. And in the end I didnt install and play anything (inconvenience for the win).

    Going to do some prep work for Sydney... slowly but surely introduce other things to do. Its by no means going to get easier overnight but its simply a waiting game.

    It's totally natural, you're doing fine.

  14. Day 36

    Time goes by in a flash. It's so weird that it has been 36 days already, also that the summer is ending and I'm suddenly 28. I'm feeling perplexed about that.

    I might be a workaholic without gaming O.o. I cant' escape into dreamlands, so stay focused on the real world all the time. I don't enjoy working day and night and on weekends, but I'm desperate. I don't feel like I've gained enough traction to chill out. I've exchanged upscale offices and large paychecks for the dream of creating something of value, of self-actualization and higher checks (of course xD). And I have these doubts from time to time about how well I'm doing and if I have the ability to make myself proud. My brother is globe-trotting, my friends are getting married and I'm, well, I'm constantly working or thinking of ways to improve my business.

    Some of my acquiatances who are more successful at business say that one key characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is being a little crazy in a natural and congruent way. I think I might have that, I sometimes think that I'm a little cuckoo and this thought is a little uncomfortable. Even in times of doubt I still would go back and make the same choice back then. I would make smarter moves, but the main direction would be pretty much the same. I think I'll embrace the way I am and call my ambitions a beautiful obsession of mine.

    I've come up with another three segments people need: it's adults that want to complete their GEDs (two by geography and one extra by format). The approximate confirmed Moscow market size for that is 7k clients per year. So, now I have twelve segments in total (four are local, six are citywide and two are global) and sure as hell it is possible to gain 1k clients by May. First, I need to have have twelve landing pages, then I should decide on the segmentation of social media channels. I'm positive that I won't be able to create content for twelve accounts myself - I guess outsourcing is the only viable option, I'll plan myself though. I want my educational holding to become a huge whale.

  15. I'm sorry for being constantly off topic, I know the forum is about not gaming. For me not gaming is about doing something else instead and my "something else" is growing a business.

    I think this is pretty normal. It seems to me that most logs goes further and further away from gaming as it's author loses interest in it. It's interesting to read what people are switching to instead. 

    A very wise insight, HappyCat

  16. Bam. I got a job starting next monday. (and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with my study xD) That means structure (SWEET SWEET STRUCTURE!), money to pay study debt and save for other things, a reason to look presentable (and this I know makes me happy and more confident, but prettying yourself up if you're just gonna stay home all day is just not something I do), some room to safely spend money on some fun activities together with hubby, social connections and most of all, it means not going into mental crisis by feeling totally and utterly useless at home. It also means way less time for my personal goals, and the hours are a bit more then I bargained for (but it was all or nothing), but I know I can make it work. Yea!


  17. @HappyCat If you're talking about "You must be kidding, Mr. Feynmann!", I've recently started reading it. Great book, love his writing style. 

    Day 37: College Admissions

    Today, the school arranged a "senior retreat" day during which we worked on the nuts and bolts of college admissions. Getting letters of recommendations ready, writing some forms, preparing essays and lists of activities, etc. 

    My biggest dilemma is to whether aim for good private universities that are pretty darn expensive, or lower ranked public universities that are way cheaper. Of course, in the highest end of all universities, I would be able to attend state-of-the-art government-funded research institutions with an excellent reputation for almost free(!!!), but they're some of the hardest universities to be accepted to in Korea. 

    I would mostly consider the exit opps and how fun the college is. If the career prospects are not very different then pick the fun one.)

  18. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and think about being at the beach with a beautiful girl along with sand rushing water and a corona w/ green lemon wedge. Now, keep them closed and imagine a huge wad of cash you saved up from not gaming.

    Still closed, Now that you are rich you buy the girl at the beach a corona and you start tipping the bartender for a job well done for not gaming.

    That's the best meditaion I've read about xD