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  1. Hey guys! Thank you all so much for reading my post and responding with such kind words, it's a crazy good feeling to know that their is a community of people who have gone through a similar experience, I just want to clarify though, I don't have any crazy depression about my life, I'm very fortunate that there is a lot to love about it! But definitely there are some key areas where I have just totally dropped the ball and gaming has been a big problem that has taken my attention away from dealing with those problem areas. Today is day one for me and I'm feeling good! Thanks for the responses and keen to read other peoples posts and update you all on mine!
  2. Greetings from Australia! I'm really happy to have found a community like this and would love to introduce myself My name is Richard and basically, since I knew what video games were, playing them was always something that I did. Gaming consoles were something that was always a given in my household. My brother was 4 years older than me and I can still remember the SegaMegaDrive being the first real contact I had with pushing buttons on a controller and having this perform an action on the television screen. I played the hell out of that Console and still have (nearly 2 decades later) memories of writing down the LoadGame code to continue my game of 'Wonder Boy in Monster Land' at a later date. We would hire out cartridges from our local VHS rental store, we would play together and it was just something we did and never questioned. As I got older, and my brother and I realised we were in fact brothers, I started doing more things on my own while at home. Sure by this stage we had a Playstation and would occasionally play each other for bragging rights, but I had moved on to the wonderful world of the Gameboy. Oh that sweet handheld idol, which coupled with 'Pokemon Red' and the crazy light you could attach to the top for late night gaming sessions in bed, formed for my 10 year old self the holy trinity of gaming. I would battle Pokemon with my friends, we would trade Pokemon, we would talk Pokemon, hell we were basically one step away from worshipping wooden idols of Pikachu. Later as I entered my teenage years, games like Diablo 2, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft started to become the clear winners of my 'main gaming loves' competition. Whereas before I would have a dozen or more console games or cartridges, switching between them with impunity, entering the PC world and playing these huge AAA title games awoke an entirely new beast especially with WoW. Everyone already has a similar story: I started playing WoW around a month before Burning Crusade came out and essentially played and had an active account until halfway through Cataclysm. I had an on and off period after that but came back to see the other expansions and finally realised how 'done' I was with WoW about 2 weeks into Warlords of Draenor. WoW was played constantly with my three close friends and together we would essentially play every second day, talking on chat, over vent etc. We were in the same guild, would LAN together in RL and would talk WoW constantly at school- funnily enough doesn't this sound like a game I've mentioned before? We all quit WoW at roughly the same time having grown dissatisfied with its direction and proceeded to get involved in Steam Games, particularly the Total War series amongst many, many others. Ladies and Gentlemen that very, very abridged version of my gaming history leads to me today in 2015. I have very recently turned 25. I have a degree from University which took me 4.5 years instead of 3 thanks in part to gaming and procrastination. I have a small but good group of friends however they are all tied to gaming, and whilst we do hangout outside of Steam and Skype, non-gaming friends have all disappeared after college. I weigh nearly 130kg which for a guy my height (5'8' on a good day) is just beyond understanding. I'm not including romantic/sex issues in here because I have a long-term girlfriend who I live with and we are very much in love (so no issues on that front). I hate my job, which was something I basically only got into while I was at university for money and have continued to do because my landlord needs to be paid. That degree I mentioned? Turns out that all the naysayers are right when they tell you English Literature isn't something that is going to be a major hiring point on your CV... So all in all there are a lot of positives in my life but also a lot of negatives. Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering what the hell happened. I had a large, great group of friends, was a great student in high school and college, wasn't exactly an athlete but was in much better shape than I currently am, was in a band that was actually semi-successful in the amateur scene, really wanted to be a writer and was so positive about the future. Now at 25, I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do with my life and am scared about the next 5 years of it. All I know is that I spend way to much time on the PC. Gaming has been the one constant in my life though, it has made me feel so good at times and I have so many fond memories of gaming both by myself and especially with my friends. But I'm starting to realise that it is literally destroying the precious time I have left in my twenties and robbing me of the potential for a great life. Yet I'm still trying to convince myself I can 'manage' my gaming as opposed to eliminating it completely from my life. I also don't want to lose all my gaming friends, but maybe it's something that just has to happen - the whole 'things get worse before they get better' kind of thing? I don't know but as a noobie who has yet to undergo the transition, does anyone have any advice for me? What was it like when you first quit and were they for similar reasons? Thanks so much for reading!
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