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  1. My second entry. I just want to say a special thanks to Mettermrck and Ha535065 for you support and well wishes and that you did not call me out on my terrible spelling thanks allot and wish you all the best. The last couple of day was hard for me and I am wont lie I did stumble a couple of times. I guess you could say that the plan is not going according to how I first planned it. But at least I am not thinking of it 24/7 any more. I have started going back to uni and have already passed a pretest that we had to get over 60% on so that is at least a small bump. I am fortunate to know that I have a lot of more support from the school this time and am confident that if I put in the time and effort that I will make it this time. There are so many things that i have planned for me and so much more that I want to explore but for now I have to take it day by day. My once I go a couple of days with out playing I will feel a lot better and start gain that confidence that I lost.
  2. Day 1 of Quitting Games I don't really know what to say or even if it is right to doe so, so I think that if you are reading this you should take it with a little grain of salt or something like that. So that you can keep your sanity you should also pay little attention to the following ass well. My horrible spelling and the lack of proper grammar. So pleas be friendly and just read it as a laugh. I am a bit sad today because i wish that i was futher along in the procces that i am but i gess we cant run without walking at first. it hase been sefrall dayse since i first set out to stop playing videos games. When i first made the chose it seemed so clear cut and well diffined but I gess that gamer fog has a stronger grip than what i first thought. i oftin thing about gaming and dont know if it will ever end the only thing that i can doe is hope that it gets better after a couple off days.
  3. I will help ass much as i can. like i said i am in it not just for myself but for every gamer that wants to quit and get over this bad habit.
  4. Hi my name is Andre and I have been addicted to gameing for the last 5 years and would like to stop but don't feel that I am capable of quitting on my own that is why I sighed up. So that I can overcome this unrelenting force in my life and star acheveing my gouls that I have seat out for myself years ago. I would also wish to help others overcome there's if I can and give support to those how need it because as a group we can accomplish anything.