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  1. Thank you Old timer am continuing the models and on finished 5(to thing i quit for 66 days just of the 4 modules :))))). I just need to go get a consistent job i think maybe my lifes so scattered and free and well see how this agenda thing goes, i like it already and AM really glad am continuing the program. working on my Routine now, Pushing forward strong choosing to get a consistent job so i can own my own place and have a healthy environment. Things seem really clear now and working on positive expectations. Good things are coming really appreciating this program, off to make some progress!! I will be getting up at 5 everyday and in bed by 9 will be training for the new years eve marathon December 31 witch is in 162 days my training IS ONLY 156 days to prep for it( using The Non runners marathon running guide) So these are my focusing action everyday will be decided mainly off these 1)JOB 2)HOME 3)MARATHON 4) morning and nighttime sleeping habit/Healthy Routine( AND CONSISTENT) and COMMITED will be sitting down tonight to create the WHY POWER FUEL for these adn affirmations to help me create this morning routine. Thats my focus got an accountability partner doing the Miracle morning with me. BABY steps forward hell yah:)
  2. I lapse into games day 66 came back from festie super stressed about life, About it all, where am living no job all my focus is on the concern and not what action to be taking and freeze myself into doing nothing i think and looking for pleasure, really working on a routine to wake up to, i Realy need a job to fill in the time,and in general! My craving for games are really insane, I think i lapse to avoid all the things i need to face in life and my friend group has crumble like myself, My self hate has grown a bit. I need to remember massive action so time to head out, going on a bike ride and offf to behavioral health. LOL its day 68 deleted the games half way through yesterday today game free and moving forward! laters:) I failed to doing anything on my list for when am faced with he triggers of my gaming cravings ive been feeling alot of stress and am not enough kinda feeling but am working on all that.I think stress is killing me
  3. Great things are COMMING keep it UP!!!
  4. I want to put the next 9000 hours into health and fitness!!!
  5. Day 42 Hay Family things are going really really well day 42(YAH IM SO PROUD) i just read "the con pound effect"and "go-Giver" so no games and been pushing to have many wonderful; experiences and grateful for all the wonderful souls am meeting on my journey the connection is so real and the friends Ive created and healthy relationships Ive wanted are here which i never imagined, Ive realized how much i have to give to the world and i do feel and awakening,Its thx to my inspiring friends David,Nadia,Cruez, and Amanda I'm happy to say i trust them SO MUCH and cane myself and i feel so courageous around them we love to dance and when we go anywhere we addd SO MUCH energy to any event, I'm learning to how to do positive activities at the right time am on page 40 of the packet and learning to be more proactive, Ive started acro yoga which is 1 or 2 times a week i've been reading and consistently,traveling,adventuring and doing my savers consistently, i live at our squad house with a group of friends seeking new experiences and saving up to be independent, my car just broke down and will be selling it since the engine died,since this i got a bike. I love how everyone different and learning to set boundaries hold people accountable and learning to dissociate with people and influence the influences around me and i realized i am SO fortunate to have this community you all inspire me and I appreciate that, i work at my bros property which is cool we do a lot of stuff with. I been having a lot of fun going to event giving FREE HUGS to the world and just giving what i can, that being compliments, a huge that feels like forever or doing things like helping out any way i can giving gifts or spending quality time with the friends, So back to my first post and my Properties---JOB Today i printed out resumes to find a legit sales job looked into build.com sunpower and got a typing program to improve my skills for build.com JOB-i been working for my bro which is 100$ a day that cool 8-12 hours of work i work my best and i really appreciate he feeds me. HARD ASS WORK I TELL YOU but you feel SO GOOD, Hard Labor work and managing plants, if you only new;) INDEPENDENCE- So in a way i did Move out i have not been home at all so no internet. HEALTH- I been mediating more my mental health is great and emotional health its getting better and better everyday i do get a little anxious about the future, been biking riding to one mile working to get a PC, so i can start my side business sorta am in a way LOL but cant talk about it not really a side business. I have BIG plans and being the connector us my plan. Being going out tot dance alot which is <3 <3 <3 ive found my flow you can see who the courageous souls are, something about free huges has help me connect with man MANY people. OVERALL i do plan to be big here in Chico, reading a workout book now BIGGER LEANER STRONGER to get healthier everyday and grow the confidence and self-esteem. I need help figuring out a time to do cams packet more consistent but overall im growing everyday towards being my best Verizon;) of myself, I do want structure in my life and more consistency with my meals and a solid home, Im working towards all that and making better life descions and am so greatful for my freinds at the same time i will take any constructive criticism for you all to grow. Being aware of what were influencing ourselves with has really been on my mind. OFF TO TAKE MORE masssive action: trap life + being a positive person in the world
  6. DAY 12 Hello fam I just got back yesterday night from a Huge FESTIVAL "Emissions" it was full of goof intentions and the vibes that were healing,fun and over all about living life to the fullest people were radiating am alive, i found a yoga instructor there and got connected with her. I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE, i read this in a friends journal which was shared with me. will be moving out in 2-3 weeks got a place with my friend just need to get income going with a few ways but mainly hard-work. I'm very happy about the travel experience, i an see theirs an art to living life. Lets keep up the hard work fam, will be focusing on job- and morning:)
  7. Hello all readers,I'm Dylan Rice,am no writer so bear with me:) This journal is mainly about feelings so here they come! Its day 7 for me i join game quitters on the 11th and been procrastinating which makes me unhappy but defiantly living and loving with 7 hugs a day to strangers we come from tribes so i learned from this AMAZING lady we need 7 hugs a day the brain will love you for it. I been adventuring and spending a lot of time with good people who are living there life to the fullest and am so grateful for these influences. I feel happy that I came Across Cam and this community becasue my gaming addiction is scary I've let it go on to long. I have a lot i want to do and excited to get back on track to a fulfilled lifestyle. I FEEL happy to be apart of this family..I know this will be it "the break-through" Ive been searching for the MAP for success is in front of me and all that awaits is the call for action.I feel HAPPY:) I can be a procrastinator so i am aware of the need of a accountability partner becasue i understand the power in that! My Main thing is commitment and consistency. Goals for the next 83 days -Job-in sales or grow with my brother;) (Sales encourages you to be the best you and you LEARN SO MUCH!!! -Move-out (independence) (freedom taking 100% responsibility for yourself create your own world(choose your influences) -Health (Exercise& nutrition) (hmmm..running..yoga..or lifting weights) I want to radiate health! -School (Sign up for August) (Yoga class,peace psychology, jazz dance class) -Travel (Egypt,Italy,India) -A CONSISTENT MORNING routine(S.A.V.E.R.S) it just hit me i have a lot of wants and I have some decisions to make and commitments to start! My instinct tell me to continue CAM Modules! I look forward to updating these post with the MASSIVE ACTION i take and the direction OUR coach Cam Points me in! I have faith and overall happy.
  8. I feel you on this "Now I quit because there is no reason to continue" thank-you so much for sharing this powerful story, You can do it!!! Epic post for me thanks brother!
  9. Hello My names Dylan Ive been a gamer since the regular Nintendo,I'm 22 my roots are deep into video games with over 4500 hours into LOL spending thousands on skins and items 3500 hours into dota ,1000 into Rust and 1000s more into steam, I played for all 4 reasons to escapee stress,etc and procrastinate my dreams and goals NOT ANYMORE, Ive tried many times and the relapse is real in my life. I look forward to filling in the voids ending this obsession.These last 4 years have been hazzy, they feel LOST.. You wouldn't be able to identify me as a gamer becasue i can hide things so well and i love people so much i was doing sales for 6 months at Verizon till my last relapsed, Im at my moms now jobless at my pit bottom -4000 due to my decisions not taking any responsibility ,Ive hit a pain threshold so great the pleasure of taking action quitting games and living a full life is the STAR am aimed at. I'm excited for this journey, I look forward to filling in the void and learn to get into things that make me FEEL ALIVE art,dancing things that will flow in my life,healthy habits and overall a lifestyle that attracts the vibes and people i want. I HAVE DREAMS and the call for action is real 22 and living with my mom NOW 22 taking action preparing for success. I quit gaming on the 5/11/2017. I look forward to adding value to the community to show whats possible, but first i do NEED help. Ive tried many times to quit so lets make this the BREAK-THROUGH, my brothers and sisters NOW is the TIME. I look forward to hearing about your success and reach out to me for support i surely will TO YOUALL WE NEED EACHOTHER:) its okay your human!