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  1. Welcome! It looks like we started around the same time. The days when I have too much free time are the hardest for me. It's no shame to struggle. We all do. You're in good company here. Even if you relapsed, no one is here to tear you down about it. You mentioned an Al-Anon meeting that didn't seem to help you. Might I suggest, even as an experiment, try visiting some different churches? Even if you don't find a good fit, it is sure to be an education. Maybe something or someone at a meeting will strike a chord with you. Don't give up. If you did give up, try again. :) 

  2. We can never really assess our relationship to gaming fully until completing the 90 day purge. I try to look at is as a great experiment in my life right now. I don't have anything judgmental to say. Try again. I'm just over 3 weeks without gaming and my thought processes are steadily improving. It's like coming out of a fog. If watching TV shows is a trigger then you should cut it out of your digital diet. Take this one step at a time. One day at a time. You had a lapse. Learn from it and get back on track. We're all here to support you on your journey. You CAN do it.

  3. After my first week without games, I started limiting Facebook use to weekends only. Reducing this compulsive screen time is helping my cravings subside somewhat. I'm on day 21 of the 90 day detox. Another I just started doing is only journaling on the forum every other day. I'm going to try to space out my entries more in the future.

  4. You CAN do this! Truth be told, MOST people on here tried to quit MANY times before finding or stumbling across Cam's resources. I know I did. Don't worry about how many times you tried and failed. Recognize that you are still trying NOW. Old habits are hard to break, but you CAN do it. My best days detoxing are the days I am the most physically active.

  5. - But, I attended all of the lecture today. That's a good thing that I've done today. I didn't escape.

    ^ This is excellent judgment and insight for the day even though some of your day was absolutely loathsome! You got a little bit stronger and won a victory no matter how small it seems! I'm also struggling with some terrible feelings during this withdrawal. You did great! :)

  6. I find your graph of time spent quite interesting, how do you make it?

    I used an mobile app called 'Study checker'.

    There are a free version and a sponsored version. I used a free one. :)

    I'm going to try this app. Thanks for the resource! I like it!  :D

  7. Good job hitting the reset button on your detox today! The resources from Cam are really a great help with gearing one's thoughts in the right direction. It's been 3 weeks for me now, but I still REALLY want to game on the weekends. You CAN do this. I'm finding that there really is no shortcut to this thing. It's just one day at a time.

    edit: Hmmm. Forcing yourself to do your productive tasks actually makes you feel great.

    ^ THIS!!! I'm in complete agreement with this statement. Right on!

  8. Nice to hear your update, Ed. Brisbane sounds like it's what you need right now. :)

    I know it's the right choice.  But right now Brisbane is kind of kicking my ass, I'm currently in that stage where nothing is going right.  You know that stage, the nothing stage, it's right before all the seeds you planted actually start growing.  I'm re-reading Scott Adams' How to Fail and Still Win Big.  One of the things that he talks about is that in life you get to keep pulling the lottery lever, eventually by doing things that have a small chance of winning you get the jackpot.  I know things will work out, but damn it sucks to be in one of life's valleys.

    I appreciate you being real. Hang in there! You've made some big changes in your life and it takes time to feel at home. I too want to improve my resiliency so that the valleys don't quite seem so low.

  9. Man. Lot of stuff went down with my family over the last couple months. Long story short, I realized they're pretty damn abusive to me. So, cutting ties with them. Also, moving to California.
    And tossing my gaming console in a pond.

    My Game Destroyer ways totally approve! The pond is making good use of your console.  

  10. I was in the airport in Taipei last year when I took my oldest to the Philippines for a medical mission trip for a month. Looking out of the window in Taipei reminded me of Sim City. Ha! I would like to actually visit Thailand someday.

  11. I checked the League of Legends website today. Looks like there is a new support champ and he looks cool, so I wish I could play.

    I shouldn't have looked! -_-

    I have made this mistake of checking game info or updates already. I didn't give in. Stay strong too!

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