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  1. I have decided to go paleo in order to help with my lazyness and adhd, and I should be taking care of my body. I want this to be more of a information/recipe saring thread. Ready set go!
  2. It has been 6 Days since my last entry... I just don't like writing. Despite my lack of entries I've thought about writing every night which I suppose still makes me keep myself accountable. Looking for a book to read. Any Suggestions? Day 7 Started my new job today! Worked on my financial plan to get rid of my debt (something I think about all the time but had not done anything about) Goals Progress -Videogames: No videogames for a week! Still have the TV on more than I'd like though. -Leatherwork: Made a couple of wallets this weekend. Still just pracricing before I even consider selling. -ADHD: Taking daily supplements to manage ADHD w/o medication -Exercise: Played soccer on Friday and Saturday, new job has a free gym on campus which will making working out significantly more realistic -Paleo (ADHD Diet): Been doing pretty well but not perfect. Turned down free donuts... -Decent Sleep: Been pretty hit or miss getting to bed before midnight.
  3. I will start by saying I hate writing so I dont know how long this will be, but I clearly need to change what ive been doing. Day 1 -uninstalled all the games on my xboxone Goals -I want to start really working on leather again and hopefully start selling it at some point -Treat my ADHD that I've been dealing with -Exercise 3 times a week -Stick to eating paleo (part of helping w/ ADHD) Thats all ive got. And I need to start sleeping earlier/more