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  1. Well... Tomorrow is my first month without video games, I don't know what else to say other than "Thank You" to all of you for supporting and helping me with my problem.
  2. Just An Quick Update... Stopped Playing Video Games On 4th Of March Which Means that today is my 16th day Without playing (Holy Shit ), Still struggle a wee bit and sometimes i need to motivate myself by watching some videos on youtube etc etc. I would also like to ask you guys one more thing since (For Example: Breakfasts) I watch youtubers play H1Z1 or Cs:Go (Mostly Those Two) and I am not sure if I should stop watching them ??? PS : Thanks to anyone who replyed in the earlier messages/texts
  3. Thanks keri. I hope as well that I will stop who I am right now and I become a better person alltough it will be very hard but mayby a life changing expierience for me .
  4. Okay everything is gone of my computer I.E. Steam,Origin,games Etc. You mentioned that is creates frustration, I think that it is true but i do have a lot of staff to do but i don't know what I am supose to do on the weekends because most of the time I spent playing video games and to be honest i don't really have that many friends either :-/. I will try to start creating my own music or mayby even start to code since I have exams in May from Computing Science .
  5. This was also a huge problem for me and I got my accounts deleted (which was a hard thing to do but it was necessary for me). When I'm getting an urge to play I say to myself: "Do you really want to go back to the depressed, anxious and unhappy person? Fine - then play! If you want to be happy and want the reality to be like your favorite game - then don't escape reality and say goodbye to videogames". I see a lot suggest meditation which is a great tool to clear your mind - I've been using the app Calm which is guided meditation. Okay, so would you advise that I uninstall all the games + The gaming platforms like Steam, Origin etc. ?
  6. Okay, Do you think think that It would help if i Unsubscribed, Unliked and Unfollowed any channels/profiles involving video games ? Ohh, and also should I like really uninstall all the games? I am willing to do it if it will helps, Thanks again for your anwsers
  7. Hey Again, Just one more question, could tell me what kind of staff you did after you decided to Quit video Games? For Example, what did you do when you had a strong kind of feeling to play again?etc. I would really appriciate it and I will reflect on it and mayby use some of your ideas and add some of mine
  8. Hey, Thanks for you anwser, I will definitely try to ''take a deep breath and when you breath out think "why am I angry?" whenever i get frustrated. I have a lot of hobbies/things that i like to do but my only problem is that I look after my sister quite a lot so I mostly spend my time in my room Playing Games. Alltough I am still unsure what i should really do, i have tried uninstalling all the games and I got without gaming for about 3 days and then I had all of them back on my computer again . Should I mayby limit my gaming hours and spend some more time learning/revising?, since i have the SQA exams coming up in may , But i don't think this will work because like Cam mentioned in his kind of profile thing, you need to decide to STOP completely or you will still stay the same. Ps: I also have FL Studio 12, a kind of program that most of Music Producers use and I need to say that I am really intrested in this kind of staff but once I make a melody I get easily put off when it sound weird/stupid, and I close the file without saving it when I could easily make it sound better.
  9. Hey All, First of, I would like to introduce myself, My name is Hubert and Im 15 Years old (16 Tomorrow ), Im originaly from Poland and I have moved to The UK when I was about 12 years old. As everyone knows learning a new language is hard and it wasn't one of my favourite things to do when i was bored/when i had free time, so what I did was I started playing video games, and I think this is the worst choice of my life. When i moved to The UK, i was more of a active person, I used to go out playing football, basketball and do many more activities but unfortunately the weather in UK is not great and most of the time it rains, so I tought that getting a computer would be a good idea to escape to boredom I was in at the time because I didn't know english very well. After I got my computer I started loosing control over it and it quickly escalated to an Addiction. I started caring less about school and my grades started dropping as well, I didn't help to do any chores and all i cared about was the computer/video games. As 2 years passed, I've moved to my third year of High School and my english got better and better, and my grades in high school were not that bad (The first 3 Years of High School are Quite easy so...), so I asked my parents if I could upgrade my computer, and off course they said yes. When i got the parts and my Setup was complete i started playing the more popular games (Cs:Go, H1Z1, Call of Duty etc) and I started caring even less, I did nothing more than comeback from school and spend 6-8 hours of playing games. Sometimes I had so much homework from school that i just wanted to get away from it and what I did was get my headset on my head and start playing more and more. So why did I come Here to Game Quitters? Well my anwser is preety simple, i've noticed that i have changed a lot since i started playing video games, I got aggresive (Raged and Called people names everytime i got shot in any of the games,etc), I started to have 0% respect to my parents and also i got really rude to my little sister (If she tried to hug me, i would push her away and sometimes she even cried,etc). I want to Stop playing video games for ever because i've noticed that playing them isn't going to get me anywhere and also because of Me Raging, I.E. MorningI nearly smashed my computer screen because I got 2 Tapped in H1Z1 (it's not funny actually) and that's when I realized that playing them is not for me anymore. I would really appriciate any kind of advice and I was also wondering if it's a good idea to uninstall every single game that I currently have on my computer, phone etc. and if i should invest some money in RESPAWN. Thanks Again! Ps : Sorry For My English
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