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  1. ENTRY #77:

    People that take a shower before going to the gym don't intend to train.

    Also, you don't need a bachelor in engineering to know, that turning off the warm-water faucet while applying shampoo will solve 20-50% of the world's energy crisis (and improve pocket money to impress peers).

  2. ENTRY #76:

    Contrary to popular belief, it can be quite good to bite off more than you can chew and fly too close to the sun.

    The assumed consequences are true - but they are valuable experiences and should be embraced with full force, unless deadly.

  3. ENTRY #74-1:

    The thorough more exhausting choice is usually the correct one. There are no easy paths that lead to mastery or good character.

    Still: Don't try to be too wise in choosing unless repenting for something, as wisdom creates a lonely mind.

  4. ENTRY #71:

    If your beliefs, ideals, fears and loves turn into a heavy burden or you can't carry them anymore: Drop them.

    There are many other things you should also drop. Consider this when in dismay.

  5. ENTRY #70-2:

    Never intend to impress or pose unless trying to sell yourself.

    Selling yourself is a whorey practice – albeit sometimes necessary. Use it strategically to your advantage, but never turn it into a habit or get emotionally accommodated with the practice. The result could be prolonged inauthenticity.

  6. ENTRY #70:

    A man should either shave his head regularly - or never get a haircut.

    It's not about the looks, it's about practicality.

    Always favor practicality over looks unless you are trying to impress or pose for practical reasons.

  7. ENTRY #65:

    Your environment creates your mindset.

    If you are unhappy, try changing the environment.

    Activities, visuals, sounds – anything perceivable with the 5 senses is part of your environment.


    If you find yourself believing in a 6. sense: There are only 5, quit being lazy and making shit up.

    If you find yourself wishing, hoping and praying: Try to gain power over your environment.

  8. ENTRY #64:

    To lose weight: Eat less. To meditate: Stop thinking. To enjoy life: Feel. To master: Practice. To become fit: Train. To be confident: Resist your desires.

    It's that simple. Any other truth needs to be approached with great skepticism.