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  1. ENTRY #80: There is no bad intention. There is only blindness, ignorance and idiocy.
  2. ENTRY #79: Despise and indignation are the source of enmity. Enmity is not part of the natural order of things and should thus be avoided.
  3. ENTRY #78: It is possible to completely analyse a person's mind in milliseconds by taking a glance at their eyes. Sadly you have to get to know them very thoroughly first.
  4. ENTRY #77: People that take a shower before going to the gym don't intend to train. Also, you don't need a bachelor in engineering to know, that turning off the warm-water faucet while applying shampoo will solve 20-50% of the world's energy crisis (and improve pocket money to impress peers).
  5. ENTRY #76: Contrary to popular belief, it can be quite good to bite off more than you can chew and fly too close to the sun. The assumed consequences are true - but they are valuable experiences and should be embraced with full force, unless deadly.
  6. ENTRY #75-2: Never assume physical and intellectual superiority for yourself. That would be a very stupid thing to do.
  7. ENTRY #75: Don't pick your nose, fart or chew open-mouthed in public places, unless 100% certain that you are physically and intellectually the fittest person in your environment.
  8. ENTRY #74-1: The thorough more exhausting choice is usually the correct one. There are no easy paths that lead to mastery or good character. Still: Don't try to be too wise in choosing unless repenting for something, as wisdom creates a lonely mind.
  9. ENTRY #74: Basing a decision on your balls is usually a bad idea, but fun. Sometimes it is good to have fun.
  10. ENTRY #73-3: Don't teach your enemies. That would be a very stupid thing to do.
  11. ENTRY #73-2: Don't make other people feel your pain, unless teaching your enemies.
  12. ENTRY #73: Pain is your best mentor. Pain is your treasure. Pain is precious.
  13. ENTRY #72: Keeping a mirror will lead to vanity. Sometimes vanity may be desired. Especially when heeding low confidence. Use a blanket to exert control.
  14. ENTRY #71: If your beliefs, ideals, fears and loves turn into a heavy burden or you can't carry them anymore: Drop them. There are many other things you should also drop. Consider this when in dismay.
  15. ENTRY #70-2: Never intend to impress or pose unless trying to sell yourself. Selling yourself is a whorey practice – albeit sometimes necessary. Use it strategically to your advantage, but never turn it into a habit or get emotionally accommodated with the practice. The result could be prolonged inauthenticity.
  16. ENTRY #70: A man should either shave his head regularly - or never get a haircut. It's not about the looks, it's about practicality. Always favor practicality over looks unless you are trying to impress or pose for practical reasons.
  17. ENTRY #69: High speed trains, idealists, zealots and fanatics have some things in common: They are very predictable in their trajectory and it is very unwise to stand in their way.
  18. ENTRY #68: Cobwebs and decay will envelop the motionless.
  19. ENTRY #67: Don't shift or shaft matters or people into an assumed afterlife.
  20. ENTRY #66: You can master anything, it is only a matter of time. Your time is finite. With every second spent, death encroaches. Don't waste your time mastering useless shit.
  21. ENTRY #65: Your environment creates your mindset. If you are unhappy, try changing the environment. Activities, visuals, sounds – anything perceivable with the 5 senses is part of your environment. If you find yourself believing in a 6. sense: There are only 5, quit being lazy and making shit up. If you find yourself wishing, hoping and praying: Try to gain power over your environment.
  22. ENTRY #64: To lose weight: Eat less. To meditate: Stop thinking. To enjoy life: Feel. To master: Practice. To become fit: Train. To be confident: Resist your desires. It's that simple. Any other truth needs to be approached with great skepticism.
  23. ENTRY #63: All the wisdom in the world cannot protect you from circumstances. The illusion of security relies on ignorance.
  24. ENTRY #62: First choose, then wait for a good offer.
  25. ENTRY #61: In assuming that you understood something, you deny yourself true knowledge. Only a humble mind can move forward.
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