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  1. Nekris added a post in a topic Difference between video gaming and other hobbies   

    Thanks for your replies.
    You two made a very good point, gave me a lot to think about.
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    Difference between video gaming and other hobbies
    Hello everyone, first post.
    I've been reading about this today and it's something I've wondered about a few times already.
    What is the difference between gaming and any other hobby like reading a book?
    I used to spend hours reading when I got a good book and I would think about it all day.
    I feel the same thing with video games, I feel like I am addicted... but to what?
    Do I really like pushing these buttons? No.
    It is the experience that holds me in, same as when I read books or watch movies.
    I do feel I am addicted and I do want to improve myself but when I think about it, everything seems to boil down to be the same.
    Why bother going through all these problems if the end result is not any better?
    What makes an activity "better" than another one to improve your life?
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