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    No, there aren't any of those.
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    Regarding the social part of the activities that replace gaming.
    I've got goal/skillbased and rest activities covered.However, i do not know what social activities to do.The only friends i have are in school,and when i'm outside of it i don't even talk to them.Especially in vacations.In short, outside of school, i barely have any social interaction.What can i do?
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    Hello there.
    I am 15, and i've been gaming for as long as i can remember.When i was younger,the hours that i passed playing games didn't trouble me,as school was quite easy back then.However, as the time passed, the harder that the subjects have become and the more time that i spent gaming.Not only that, but it has made me more agressive toward the people  around me.Now, even finding the motivation to study has become a chore.I've realized that gaming was nothing more than a way to escape from the things that i had to do.Today,i have deleted all of my games and made the ultimate decision of quitting gaming forever, as it has done a lot more bad than good for me.
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