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  1. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 6
    I made it. I tried spending my day playing basketball and working out rather than mindlessly browsing the internet. I watched a couple videos about goal setting. I think I'm going to grab a notebook and just list some things off that I want to accomplish and then check them off as I go. Long term goals I can put over to the side and short term goals I can just check off when I finish. I hope tomorrow I can get myself up early so I can do more things.
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  2. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 4 and Day 5
    Totally forgot to do yesterday's journal so I'm going to do it today. I worked more on my paper yesterday and also got to spend my time learning martial arts with other people. I survived Saturday without gaming. However, I felt the day was extremely unproductive. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos and just kept wasting time. I hope tomorrow I can find a way to improve.
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  3. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 3
    Its starting to get tough. My inner self is telling me to play but I am resisting. The weekend is coming up so if I can live through that I should be okay. Today, I tried to work more on my paper. I have about 1000 words and only need about 250 more. I hope I can finish it by tomorrow so that I can  relax for next week. I haven't started meditating yet but I will as soon as I put myself in that gaming environment which will probably be this weekend.
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  4. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Thanks all you guys for making me think about my approach. I think what I'm going to try to do differently this time is to Jory all every single day even if I can only get out a single sentence. I think spending as much time as I can writing about my thoughts is probably the best strategy to employ. I'm also going to try and start meditating as soon as I enter the gaming environment which I hope will help with the cravings. 
    Day 2
    Today I was actually really busy and wouldn't have had time to game at all if I tried. I was really focused on getting a paper done that's due in about a week and I also went to a seminar on LinkedIn and started my LinkedIn profile. I also took a class online for the GRE. I got some good resources from that like, quizlet, free and more to help me out with the vocab section. I also got the chance to exercise for half an hour which I'm going to try and prioritize everyday so that I can be physically fit. One weird thing that happened today is I was looking through my notifications for YouTube and found that MIT open courseware offers a course on How to win at Texas Holdem which is quite ironic given my gaming situation at the moment. I'll keep you posted about what happens next. Thank you for listening.
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  5. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Skaliq it's actually my third try. Thanks for the encouragement. I really hope when they say third times the charm that that's actually true.
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  6. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 1
    Alright, this is my official Day 1. I slacked off a bit and kept playing games unfortunately but now I'm for real. I'm quitting. I'm going to start meditating and hopefully I will learn to control myself around games. Today, I haven't felt the urge yet to play games and hopefully I won't get that urge as much in th is upcoming week.
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  7. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Mettermrck Glad to see I'm not alone.
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  8. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 0
    Alright, this is going to be a tough post because i failed and relapsed. Im gonna try not to take it too hard on myself because I feel like this is a learning experience. Maybe I just saw others play and got really excited. I noticed that it is really hard for me to control myself when I have that urge to play games. I hope some of you could relate. I have a few ideas of what I can do to control this urge but I want to know your guys thoughts. What do you guys do in the moment when you have that feeling to play games? I think this is one of the biggest barriers to quitting games that I am facing right now.
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  9. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Mettermrck So far I've tried to fill it with reading and exercise. The books I'm currently reading right now are A Breifer History of Time by Stephen Hawking and The Language of God by Francis Collins. I find Stephen Hawkins book to be absolutely fascinating at explaining the broad scope of the universe. The Language of God is a book about a scientist that wishes to do his science in an honest manner while at the same time maintaining his belief in God. I find this book very good at explaining  the nature of human beings and what our beliefs should come to from that nature. Another thing I do is breakdance. I'm currently trying to learn flares, windmills, and handhops and hopefully though hard work I can acheive that goal. Another thing that kind of fills the void but I'm sort of reluctant to do is study for the GRE. It's always been a dream of mine to go to grad school and hopefully I can get a good GRE score to get into a good grad program where I plan on studying physics. I also am interning at Argonne National Laboratory this summer which often takes up most of my day where I am studying monochrameters and their properties using ideas like the Bragg condition and dynamical diffraction theory (I don't know what they are either). I hope that answers your question.
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  10. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 4-6
    Dang, I can't believe it's already day 6. Life without games for me really has been quite fufilling. I felt like when I was playing games I was trying to fill some void. That void was the time I spent not doing anything. I feel in way more control of my daily activities now that games are out of the way and I hope I can keep this progress going till the end.
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  11. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Strkr3 I never really feel an urge to play games when I watch others play. Especially when it is not the game itself but the person comentating who is actually funny. I do try to stay away from twitch though because watching others play on twitch is kinda just wasting your time and I would understand how after a while you would get bored and want to play yourself. However, for YouTube it is more than just watching them play that gets me entertained. That is why I still plan on watching the content that Lolhounds, darkmane, and singed420 put out.
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  12. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 1-3
    Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. These first few days have been okay. There were a couple moments here and there where I wanted to play but overall I didn't have much urge to play them. I still watch people play games on YouTube sometimes but I don't see much of a problem with that because it is mainly for my own entertainment. I'm probably going to go about journaling once every 3-4 days because I'm trying to focus on keeping myself busy so I don't have to worry about games.
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  13. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Tom2 Thank you for the support.
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  14. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    @Mettermrck Haha, thank you. I'm hoping that this time it will work out for the best, but we shall see.
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  15. ajaski708 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Day 0
    Okay, I haven't posted in a while, and the reason is I was quite busy and found a lot to do. I unfortunately didn't successfully complete the 90 day detox because some friends called me up and wanted to play so I did. In the past couple months I've noticed that the amount of time I have spent gaming has been going up quite a lot and I want to put a stop to that. I also think that I originally wasn't as serious as I should have been at approaching this issue. I uninstalled League of Legends and I vow to complete my 90 day detox.
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