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Hi guys (and hopefully girls),

So, my name is Rachel and I'm from Australia. I want to quit gaming because it's destroying so many aspects of my life (e.g. my relationships and my finances). After playing for about a year, I've become obsessed with Fortnite. When I'm not playing the game myself, or thinking about gameplay, I'm on Twitch watching someone else play the game. It's 8:30am here in Australia. A close friend gave me an ultimatum this morning: I either accept their help to get my life back on track, or we go our separate ways for good. Anyway, that gave me the motivation I needed to finally make the healthy choice and uninstall Fortnite. To be honest, I feel completely broken at the moment, but I also feel hopeful, considering that things can only get better from here. I'm going to attend a Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA) online meeting in half an hour.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your support.


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It's good that you have an honest friend, and an organized support group. It can be a strange and difficult adjustment, leaving gamer-world, but it's worth doing anyway.

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