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"Sell everything you own and come follow me"

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Sup nerds,

For me, Video games have become so life consuming and addictive that I've  realized I can no longer play them in moderation. I gotta completely stop if I wish to live a real and fulfilled life. 

It reminds me how Jesus told the young dude to "sell everything he owns and come follow him." 

In my case, I gotta give up all access to video games if I wish to be truly happy. I'm hoping Game Quitters can help me avoid those slippery slopes like playing a little innocent spider solitaire on my phone, but eventually ends in a weeklong binge of Skyrim. I think about all the thousands of hours playing games alone, if it really was fulfilling, and what I could have done with that time instead. I've been learning a lot about intense ADHD and addictive behaviors and how to adapt and encourage healthy alternatives and activities to gaming. I'm glad to be a part of this and hope to hear stories of how all yall have "sobered" up!



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