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Hi everyone, so my friends and I seem to be less close since I tried to let my game addiction go. This is getting serious, cuz I might lose some friends because of quitting games. What should I do?

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Yup. I hate to be "that guy" but you are going to have to analyze those friendships. For me I don't think I have a single friendship I can salvage now that I'm quitting games. I'm willing to let that go because of how destructive games have been for me. 

You may be able to keep some friends--and I hope you can! But being honest with yourself is key here--why are you quitting games? 

An addendum here: analyze why you're friends with these people. Do you have a real bond with these people? Or have you been using them to fuel your addictions (and frankly, have they been using you to fuel their addictions?)

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Gaming is not good I lost my friends due to the gaming addiction, what I should do to get rid from this gaming addiction, I want to go back to my those days when i use to play with my friends😒😒😒😒

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