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The journey

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I was around 9 years old when I was introduced to a game that has become very addictive now. Initially, I played it because I was fascinated at how the game was like i.e graphics and gameplay. It felt as if I entered a whole new world where I can easily do stuff that I would usually imagine. I rarely played games before that as I used to go to the park and play some football with my friends and I was quite close with my family in the sense that we used to play board games with each other and do many fun activities. The games I played weren't that stimulating as they were mainly flash games however I did have a Nintendo console that I would play on from time to time. Later on, I eventually started to build a habit of playing but I still went outside until I had moved houses which changed things drastically. This is because my connections with old friends were pretty much severed and I found difficulty in doing outdoor activities. Now, I have become so addicted to gaming that I find it really hard to stop and I have tried many times to stop with the help of YouTube videos on how to stop gaming. This seems to not work as I have gone back to my old ways and this is a crucial time for me to stop with my exams coming up that determine the university I go to or if I even go to one. I am kind of anxious and scared that it will be too late for me to stop but I am ready to do what I can to stop. 

- Sorry if I am not structuring this properly but I am trying to piece everything together as to why I have come to the situation I am in and I am also trying to release all the emotions I have 

- I am looking forward to this journey of quitting gaming as there are many things in life that I would like to do. For example, I would like to explore other countries particularly Japan as it is such a beautiful place. 

Thanks for reading this.


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Reflecting on Day 1:

My first day would usually be the easiest but clearly it wasn't as I had failed to reduce my consumption of my computer. I hope I can do so today.

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