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Start of my Journey

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Hey there! I just bought the Respawn course and started watching. Gaming has been my more or less my life for the past few years. I'm 17 right now and it all started when I got my first iPod, but it quickly went from casual mobile games to serious PC Gaming, namely League of Legends. I used to have hobbies like Basketball or Piano but as my hours in LoL started racking up I dropped pretty much all other activities. So for about 3 to 4 years now I'm just fapping and gaming. Next year I'm about to turn 18 and I figure that now is probably a very good time to go for a change. I tried to quit several times but since all of my friends play video games too and I see them on a daily basis in school it's really hard to quit. But eventually I'll have to move on from video games and maybe my friends. I believe I can do this and that this decision will pay off. Good luck to anybody reading and I'll report back soon.

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