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Free self-tracking tools I made

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Hi, im new here, introduction: 

I made 2 excel documents, first one tracks your moods, habits, basically anything you want. Second one is day scheduler.


Daily is something similar to diary, at the end of every day you type in what you did throughout the day, your experiences. Then you rate criteria by your choice on the scale from 0 to 10 (or Yes/No). Your document gives you back many useful statistics as overtime chart of your moods.  I prefilled some of them, but you can really modify it into anything you want. I think this is useful thing to do if want to  track yourself and getting know to yourself better. If you are trying to quit games this is superb tool to track your moods when you quit or fail to quit. 

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/hwqFeJ

Could look overwhelming at the first time, but you only work with left part of the document, everything else is auto. There is tutorial included on second sheet.

daily by Meio.xlsx


Simple scheduler with some other tools, everything is interactive. If you like your day organised, this is the way to go. Every day before going to sleep, you plan yourself tommorow. Your brain works it out during your sleep and its much less likely you procrastinate instead. Currently Im home 24/7, this helps me a to do stuff instead of watching netflix. Contains to-do list, habits manager and long-term goals. 

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/ceEVDd

Feel free to post suggestions or bugs. 

EDIT: I tried to fill some data myself and I found some errors in Daily, repaired. I also recommend deleting tutorial sheet after reading as it could cause lags due to connections between 2 sheets.

schedule by Meio.xlsx

virus scan.png


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