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Story: How Video Games waste my Art Talent!

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I apologize for some typos and grammar issue because I write this post in paper and OCR software can make some mistake to jot down the words.

Hi everyone you can call me Shiratori and I'm 16 years old. When I was a preschoolers, I'm just know myself from being a gifted kid when comes to arts. I always win in art competition in that time and my parents are always proud of me. In fact, I learn to draw first before I learn to read properly.

In the moment that I turn grade one, my one of my relatives gave me a brand new tablet to play games. Since I got hooked in video games, my interest in art fades away. This moment is the time where my passion to arts are gone. Video games are very stimulating and my poor youth brain is being trapped in the virtual world that my progress is nothing.

This chain of routine of going to sleep, wake up, video games, school, video games and sleep is what my life looks like since I start to play games at young age. I don't even realize that my art talent is now being perished. I play video games around 5 hours a day. My young self don't even care about it become of stimulant effect of video games

My relatives are trying their best to limit my screentime but they failed because I'm having a violent reaction. This cycle of life is continuing till last month and now I'm trying to stop as I'm trying to revive my talent after a 12 years of abandoning if.

When I start to go back in arts last week, my works are not good as what it looks like before because my video game addiction take away my time to improve my talent.

Now, my art talent is now being awakened again by limiting my Video game time and by a consistent drawing practice.

I just compute my time wasted in video games and if turns out that almost 1 year worth of hours from my life are wasted. These precious hours should be spent to improve my arts.

Many art opportunities are wasted due to my video game addiction and now I regret it. I can't imagine that my art talent is wasted in my whole teenage era. I hope that listen to my parents to obey their screen time limit. I hope that I don't let a virtual world takes away my passion.

I'm so sorry for my art talent that I wasted just to have a meaningless adventure from the screen's pixel.

I feel guilty for wasting my talent and potential that a God is giving to me. I hope that I'm a professional artist today if I don't waste my life on video games. Such a regretful moment of my life.

For parents reading this, please never buy your kid a gaming devices In a young age or their potential will be wasted.


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