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How to enjoy Gacha games

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i have started playing genshin impact over 2 years back and really enjoyed exploring the world, also collecting new characters and thats where i got sucked into the wonders of gacha system. That point it wasnt an issue because i wasnt chasing for meta as there wasnt a point. Until i tried Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is a lot of fun. i enjoyed the combat style but heres the problem. with difficult content i started chasing meta and high dmg. To date i spend almost 10k aud around 6k usd. 

I thought about cold turkey and stop playing but i have invested so much that i felt i need to keep going which is a huge red flag to me. Though there are alot of things to enjoy such as connecting with friends and exploring the world anf mini events. Game itself is actually fun.  I wonder how can u enjoy gacha game without feeling the need to pull the shinny new characters.


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