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  1. So going straight to the point, I have given advice on this platform to others struggling with gaming addiction and even I can't follow that advice as it is really difficult. When I read that the solution is a 90 day gaming detox I just laughed at the idea because I can't imagine not being able to play Fortnite ☠️. I try to focus more on my studies but I just can't, and I also fall asleep a lot in class even though I have more than enough of sleep the night before. I hate not being able to revise as much as I want to and I know commitment to my studies is the only why I can get the grades I deserve. A 90 day detox for me is impossible I already try not to play games on school days. I think what I need is time management but I can't seem to be able to follow that either I always end up playing way more hours than I had planned in my head. I think the major motivator for me is my brother, we play games together all the time and I realised that I play, but much less when he isn't here. When he is here and I'm trying to study upstairs I get jealous and instead of focusing on my studies I just want to go back. I need help SOS
  2. These might not be the best solutions but they might work: First you should get him to see a doctor and specify exactly what mental condition he has. Although, after reading your enquiry I do think what he is referring to is game addiction. When you're addicted to a game there is a tiny voice in your head telling you to go back to gaming, and it's hard to ignore. Second depends on his mental condition , if it is a game addiction, you should start doing small things to sway him from gaming, like not making food for him, not cleaning the area he's playing his games in because then he can't ignore his other psychological needs. This might cause an argument but that's what is needed, make him hear u out in that argument and instead make it into a conversation. A distraction? Probably go on a holiday? Disclaimer I am not a professional these are just things I'd consider doing.