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  1. I think it's definitely a distraction. All the time I wasted on games has turned into wasting time on Discord. It's like trying to quit porn and alcohol but then spending all nights with your old friends at a strip club - drinking non-alcoholic drinks and asking for a table facing the other way. 😄

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  2. Hi everybody (”Hi Dr. Nick!”)

    I was addicted to gaming, but with the help of Cam’s videos I managed to quit. Thank you Cam.

    For some reason, however, I find myself completely unable to quit my Discord community - I don’t want to leave all the friends I made but just chatting to them about anything is making me have cravings which I otherwise wouldn’t have. (I know this because I deleted my account and felt good - but I ended up making a new one - and here we are again…) There are so many complicated relationships and psychological hooks involved. I was wondering if it’s ok to participate on this forum with this kind of secondary problem? 🙂

    It seems like such a great forum and there are so many wonderful people.

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