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  1. Dear Tanner I am so sorry to hear about the pain, sadness and confusion that you have been going through lately

    It sounds absolutely awful I can't imagine the stress you're under, and I really wish I could be there to give you a hug right now. 

    Needless to say we welcome you here with open arms and I for one feel honoured that you have chosen to open up to us.

    I hope these pictures will speak louder than words ! ! ! ! !



    (^^^ All of GameQuitters giving you a hug ^^^)


    dd68700118b9475e027d54a5f24b129b.jpg 21471451287149040.jpg


    (I'm sorry if that was too many hugs but I wanted to be on the safe side !)





  2. That's great you phoned people in Auckland, I live there! Seems like you got some relatively quick responses, but it seems many of them enjoyed you calling by.

    If you don't mind me asking, but what's the main purpose of doing these calls? My guess is it's to boost your social skills and such.

    Does it cost much for you to phone overseas numbers? I think it'd cost me a lot...

    Keep on keeping on :)

    wow that's so cool - if I keep going through the phone book i could find you!!!! 
    you are right, it's mainly to practice my social skills and confidence - yes!! And I wanted to prove a point to myself - there's always someone to talk to, wherever-whenever,  and it's kind of an experiment - I want to see how people react when a stranger wishes them a great day on the phone.   How can I brighten people's days the other side of the world!!!!!

    You are right, it is expensive!!! I really can't call the south Pacific every day!!!! last night was the equivalent of buying a round of drinks for your mates!!! It would be 3 times cheaper just phoning up people round my area. But it's so fun talking to someone the other side of the world.....  I'm looking into cheaper ways of doing it, through Skype for example - but I don't know if the connection strength will be as good that way. 

  3. Not that kind. Could you get that picture out of there?

    Let's see. It's 8:40, I got up just a few minutes ago. This time I definetly didn't sleep too much, because I currently feel like going back to sleep immediately. I'm not gonna do it though. Yesterday I was gaming for about four hours, I'd like to cut back on that today.

    Ah, don't you like it?   No problem friend.  Hope the new one's better.  Good luck on your journey!

  4. I hadn't gone out all day today and I felt like I needed some socialising!!! (That's one thing I learned from my trip-- how much socialising and being close to people actually makes me happy!!-- going on my own to the rainforest just wasn't the same)

    • So I decided to ring a few strangers up round the world, just to wish them a great day! ...And see how long I could keep a pleasant conversation going with them, to practice speaking with people.   (inspired by Patch Adams again -- who said he used to spend 2 hours a day ringing up wrong numbers to practice speaking with people!!!!!)
    Found a phone book for New Zealand online- 
    it was late evening here in UK, so morning there.   
    I rang people in Auckland.

    8:47pm - 8:53pm [phone died] re-rung 9:11pm - 9:16pm
    A lady answered. After my good day wish, we talked about where we are from, the weather, her family, the geography of New Zealand and her city.  She mentioned her husband had recently died.    After 6 minutes tragically my phone speaker stopped working for some reason - I could hear her saying "are you still there??" and she hung up!!!  :(  I got another phone from downstairs and rang her back :)  We kept talking until she said her phone is dying.

    9:29pm - 9:33pm  (8:30am NZ time)
    A lady answered the phone. We had a chat about where we are from, the weather at our places etc. She said she would write down about my call and tell her friend about me.

    A man answered. Very quick call, introduced myself & wished him a great day, then he wished me one too and said he'll catch me around?  lolll

    A man answered. Wished him a good day and he asked me "why's that?" I explained I found a New Zealand phone book online and wanted to wish people a nice day. He said that's very nice of me but he's having a 'real pucker(?) of a day at the moment' LOL I said oh no. But I made him laugh so that's something!!!
    (Why didn't I ask him what's wrong??? I felt a bit embarrassed to ask -would he want to talk about it? nevermind) He said cheers then and bye. 

    10:00pm - 10:03pm
    A gentleman answered. I wished him a good day. He said something. I explained why I'm ringing, and he said "Most unusual." LOL and  things like "are you pulling my bloody leg?" I kept saying no I'm absolutely genuine!!! So he said "Well thank you very much if this isn't a joke. I just turned 80". Then he mentioned he's getting "some shit from the university" I think that's where he worked-- he's retiring end of the year. And his sister died last week. So I don't think he was having a very great time. I said I'm sorry to hear about those things! but I think I got across to him that I was being genuine and he accepted my good wishes!! and he said bye

    A lady answered. I wished her a great day today. She said "oh, well every day is a great day" and I said that's wonderful to hear yes it's true. I said I'm ringing from the UK and why. And she said "well thank you very much" and hung up.

    10:14pm - 10:16pm
    A woman answered.  I introduced myself and wished her a great day. She said  "OK thank you, can I help you?" I said no, just wanted to wish you a great day today. Just calling up people in New Zealand to give them a boost to their morning. I could hear her starting to laugh! :D   She said "am I meant to know you in any way?" I said no it's very unlikely, I'm a stranger ringing from the UK.  She laughed some more. I'm glad she found it funny. The conversation winded to an end. haha this was my favourite!!!!!! :)   end on a high!

  5. I'm back from being a clown in Costa Rica!!!! It was really amazing.  I met people there who will inspire me for a long long time…..... both in the communities we clowned at and on the course.  Hearing some people's stories you think, what's stopping me from being the best I can and helping the world every day?????

       During the week we paraded twice through La Carpio, a large slum right next to the rubbish tip for the whole of San Jose (the capital).  We also went clowning at a large nursing home, a university campus, a special needs school, a women's prison and a psychiatric hospital.   I had lots of special moments and connections with people, you don't need to speak the same language to make a connection!!!!  We weren't given any training in being a 'clown', we could do whatever we wanted with the goal in mind, "clowning is a trick to get love close"…..

    The week wasn't just about clowning and caring for others, we did a few workshops and in one Patch Adams gave us homework assignments - don't pass a mirror again without thinking 'I love me!!!" and also, say "I love me" out loud in public 3 times a day for a year!!!!   Must admit I'm lagging behind on that one, but I yelled it out my car window at people a few times today as a start!!!!!!!

    It was amazing to be in an environment of people who all believed in the same things with similar playful spirits, and I've never felt such a sense of camaraderie.  The group of clowns, about 50 of us created a lot of positive energy and friendship, so much that I was really sad to leave and teary-eyed, even though I was on a plane heading to the rainforest, a dream of mine!!!! (I went by myself)   The rainforest experience felt oddly empty after the clowning week, but it was still amazing and I saw loads of animals like monkeys, anteaters, toucans, coatis, whales (it was near the coast), iguanas, macaw parrots, beautiful big butterflies and bugs and other funky stuff

    By the way I only went on this trip because I really wanted to challenge myself, yes I had an interest in patch adams but  when I booked it I was thinking this is wayyyy out of my comfort zone!!!! but I had a really great time, probably the best time of my life.     It all started here  after Cam's ' 30 days Challenge'!!!!  I would never have done this if I hadn't started my journey here   Thank you!!!!!!

    So is it the start of a new me>>>??? Has anything changed?? ….. well, when I arrived back home, the next day I went out with some friends to a concert. I was singing along loudly, dancing and hugging all my friends a lot more than usual. I've never done those things before.  Maybe I was having a 'clown hangover'!! but I think it will stay, because I want it to.   I want to show and share love much more openly and I want to carry on being and loving my weird self everywhere I go.

    Looking back at my vision board, I can tick off a lot of things now, I got to meet a hero of mine Patch Adams, I visited a rainforest and I saw lots of amazing nature including macaw parrots and whales 


  6. wow i can't believe it ---  on my mission to have a spanish lesson with every tutor on Baselang,  I just met a tutor who does hospital clowning, what I'm going to do in costa rica!!   that's crazy!!!!!   he gave me some tips :) .   i was self-conscious of being silly in front of him so i'll try and work on that this week before I go

  7. Hey guys, try this experiment out.  listen to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUyZeic_BaE     while typing into search engine  love love love love i love you love love everything i love the world love is the best love love i can't stop feeling love love is so good love in my arm leg tummy head love love love love looooooove that love i love love itself so much loooooove love myself love yourself love themselves love him love you love my ass love your butt love my gut love my glove love above dovey lovey poop love that looooveooovoeoveoveovoevoevoeoveo LOVE IT love@@ love @ my mum and dad and family love childhood love adulthood forever love always love unstoppable one day love love is here LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    let me know the results

  8. How is your journey going?

    Hey @Zala, thanks for dropping by.   Here's an update for all

    I flew over to a friend's wedding recently and came back yesterday. It was good to see old friends again.  I was comfortable making conversation and being friendly, although I still didn't let go and dance at the reception :)  In the city there were some homeless people around so I took the chance to talk with them, very very friendly people. Not everyone wanted to talk which is fair enough.  I wrote the following in a PM to my music friend here @asquerade, thought I would share here too-

    For me music progress is mixed at the moment, I haven't been spending much time on my projects. I know I can be motivated because 6-7 years ago when I was studying, there was a time when I managed to keep my work up for extended periods and complete projects.  I felt like a proper artist then - really getting into the detail of my projects and working for long periods alone. Compared to then, my focus has been very fickle lately!  (on the other hand, back then I was much more prone to negative moods, probably due to the fact I spent much time alone.  I think I've definitely made progress in those areas -- now to combine all the best bits!!!) 

    In the bigger scheme of things, things are happening in my life - travelling abroad in two weeks and then moving to a city in a month. It will be exciting to start a new chapter in a city, and at the same time I'm quite worried because I'll just be sleeping on the sofa in my sisters house to start with, so I won't have a secure base with my music technology set up and stuff. On the other hand it could be great to have a break from all my possessions, it might spur me to remember what I really enjoy and want out of life!


    QUIT THAT GAME - youtube

    yoooooo GAME QUITTERS is an online hood
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    take aim... and

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  10. It's wonderful to see you still pushing yourself socially by dressing up and going to the city! I see that you mention (quite boldly) "It's time to whoop my ass back in shape!". Doing these huge outgoing adventures may be really helpful if you've got the time, but if you're trying to create permanent change that changes the way you normally interact with people, I'd recommend just setting small goals and working on them daily. All the best for whatever you decide, either way you're really breaking through glass ceilings already!

    Thank you so much Alex for your support!  This community rocks!!

    Love what you say about setting small daily goals, that makes total sense- if I want to improve my normal interactions then I should do normal interacting things haha!!  I'll have a think and work on this, would love to hear suggestions from anyone on this!