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  1. I recently relapsed as well after one year of non gaming.

    Its really hard. I dont know about what to call this, but the fact is true that for some of us when you are playing games, that is all we can think of for the whole day!

    Playing game would be the only thing i look forward too the whole day and would ruin my exercise 

    If that is not an addiction I dont know what is

    Stay strong good luck!

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  2. Hey there I am new to the site and happy to be here.

    I am a game addict and recently relapsed. I have stopped for 2 days now and the dopamine withdrawal is pretty hard to deal with, especially when I think how good i did last time.

    I keep thinking perhaps if I have a sponsor i wont have to do this back and forth.

    Hope anyone here is interested to be my sponsor or we can sponsor each other.

    I am trying to exercise more to fill my days and continue my hobby to get some new goals in life.

    Feel free to DM me, thanks and much love.

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