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  1. My goal is ultimately make my own game which I am have some idea in my mind. I already used Cold Turkey Application to block my Games folder and Steam, even if I want to play I can't. I really like ways that block things entirely when I want to stop certain addiction opposed to use willpower to control myself, as willpower is limited. My hobbies has always been Youtube, Video Games and Anime. I hope I can find new hobbies during my game development process like drawing or heck even programming can be a new hobby.
  2. I am learning blockchain programming and game development at the moment. I have no dream up until this point so I want to try out some of the stuffs that can get me a job to see what I want to do in the future.
  3. Day1 Decided to stop gaming because it waste time. Sleep is easy I always go to bed at 10pm anyway. Nothing much else since I decide to stop at 9:30pm. Day2 The urge to play is there, I think I might not be able to hold it if I didn't use Cold Turkey Application to block my games. But. I didn't play in the end, so that's good. I did play one game but that is for research purpose to figure out the game design and I only played for 10minutes. Cyberpunk 2077 is out, but I will not be swayed. Overall, I will call this day to be a success, I learn a lot of game design, done some research about indie games and I also learn some database stuff. Day3 The urge to play isn't as strong as yesterday but I do realized I spent more time on YouTube finding memes and listen to music. But I did get some work done, as I learn some more database stuff like ERD, normalization and denormalization. Also, I watched anime which I haven't done in a while. Domestic no Kanojo, its not good. Overall I do say its a success because I do get more work done than usual. Day1 I relapsed. Lets do it again.