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  1. On 6/19/2019 at 10:51 PM, Ikar said:

    I got back on FB a few days after about 2 months (I quit FB before I quit games), but for a very pragmatic reason of seeking job abroad, as it's amazing how many people it connects, how many opportunities it creates and how easy is it to use. I'll get rid of it again after I find what I'm looking for, though I wish everybody got back to text clients like QIP or Skype. At least WhatsApp is getting decently popular and Messenger is an option too.

    I think you are the right person to guide me on this issue. I updated WhatsApp a few days ago and since then WhatsApp has not been working properly. As soon as I open WhatsApp, WhatsApp crashes. It seems to be stuck. I have deleted the updated version and reinstalled the old version which I was using before the update but as soon as I open this old version of WhatsApp it is written that this version this out dated I've  to updated I have also search on the net about it, but I haven't found anything that can fix the problem, but when I found out about this Whatsapp Plus Apk at ( https://gbapps.net/) modified heritage, I tried to use it and that Solved my problem with this WhatsApp Plus Apk but since it is a modified version of whatsapp then i can't use it forever