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  1. I just happened to discover this page: http://www.addictionsandrecovery.org/post-acute-withdrawal.htm it says Anxiety is one the symptoms one will feel when they are experiences post acute withdrawal. I have made an appointment with my doctor, and hopefully I will be recommended therapy
  2. I was just wondering if one experiences Withdrawal symptoms when quitting gaming, such as depression or social anxiety?
  3. inspired by Cam's enthusiasm I will now share my success story 137 days ago I made the decision to quit gaming and it's been one of my best decisions in my life (along with NoFap, which I started with in October last year) I am 29 years old and I've been gaming since I was 6 years old. Before my life was almost empty, I felt alone, out of touch with other people, disconnected and lost. I had some things going for me, like karate, eating relativly healthy and a good job but I felt I was drifting away from other people and my relationship with friends and family was fading away... not to mention the relationship with myself. Before I would sit in my chair in front of my computer every weekend like a zombie, mindlessly browsing reddit, facebook, imgur etc... and if I wasn't browsing I was gaming despite not feeling entertained... I had this sorrow inside of me and I felt alone. Recently I discovered that I was slowly sliding back into my old habits of mindlessly browsing the internet, but thanks to Cam's video on how to stop browsing the internet, I now feel I am back on track and here are some of the things I've achieved so far: Found courage to go out alone and approach peopleBeen more outgoingI feel more fulfilledBeen seeing my friends and family moreBetter self esteemI feel happierI desire to travel the worldI feel more relaxedThere is still work to be done and room for improvement, but I am on the right track So thanks to Cam and this awesome community for being there, helping one and another getting a better life! TL:DR Quit gaming, became happier and living a better life, thanks all!
  4. Thank you Cam and Falky for the warm welcome I do have some goals and something I need to work on. I am currently preparing for my next belt test, I practise karate. I am also working my social skills by going out alone in order to meet new people. I've also been practising drawing on and off whenever I have time for it. I hope by quitting gaming I will be less needy of instant gratification and that I will spend more time with myself (meditating) instead of letting a machine fill me with dopamine and instant positive feedback I would also mention I made the decision to quit gaming while doing nofap, and so far it's been a wonderful journey
  5. Hey there I am new to this forum, and I learned about this forum from reddit. I stopped gaming 87 days ago, and I feel like it gets difficult to go on, which is why I joined this forum, to keep me going. I've been gaming since the age of 6 and now I'm 29 and one day I realized how pointless gaming had become to me, I felt I was just killing time rather than enjoying myself.